Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Porsche Showroom Now Gutted

Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Porsche Showroom Now Gutted

This is the former Max Hoffman Porsche showroom designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It's now gutted and being turned into a TD Bank. So sad! For a larger version of this image, just click the picture above. If you want to see a larger image of the inset picture simply click here.

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  1. Ronald Sieber says

    New York City has no respect for historic structures or saving them. This is a high-tax city in a high-tax state, and revenue is king.

    Historic preservationists were asleep at the gatehouse on this one!

    • Andy Evans says

      You are so wrong about New York having no respect for historic structures, I work as an engineering dealing specifically in the restoring, saving and re-enginnering of such structures (we are called Old Structures Engineering). It is very tough to mess with anything historic and of significance, there is a body called the Landmarks Preservation Commission who oversee and have vigorous rules to protect historic New York city. What happened here is that the buildings interior was never identified as being of historic significance, and sadly it may have been the previous owners who did not push this as it may have made the space un-saleable. It is often that as this building is being gutted that someone finally notices this, we could have done with this input a few years back. Likewise it is often the exterior that people notice, and there was nothing Frank LLoyd Wright about that. However I share you pique at seeing this blown away.

  2. Chuck says

    Historic Preservation uses its ammo to restore old movie theaters in small dying towns in the Midwest because they can’t combat the big dogs at the Bloomberg level with their agendas. Frank Lloyd Wight may be sacred, but not an awful old car dealership that helped ruin the air we breathe for generations to come.

    • Bob says

      You forgot to mention contributing to global warming (or is it cooling now?). These tiny 1600 CC engines that pushed cars that got 30+ MPG when the average sedan was getting 15 or less. BTW, many of them are still running and not rotting is a scrap heap marring the landscape.

  3. says

    America being such a young nation, this would be the equivalent of the Greeks trashing some historic site or smaller temple to build another branch of whatever bank
    Its your heritage NYC !
    What are you going to tell those students of architecture paying homage to FLW in the future when they ask……

  4. WrightMan says

    Folks…the modern era of historic preservation began with the Penn Central case in New York City. The Historic Landmarks Commission there is very active. I dont know the facts of the case and I am sorry that such an important design was destroyed…………

    Wouldnt surprise me that money made the difference

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