For those of you who don’t know we're addicted to all things Porsche - the cars, the lifestyle, the products - you get the idea. This site was born from hardship and blossomed into a lifesaver.

You see, at the ripe old age of 36, my husband, John, was forced into an early retirement due to health reasons. He's not dying or anything (so don’t get all teary eyed on me), but he is severely limited in what he can do for physical activity. You wouldn’t know it from looking at him but, to give you an idea, he gets winded from typing too quickly (that's why I'm writing this).

A blog about Porsche was my idea. We needed a way to channel our creative energies (and avoid us getting a divorce) after John's forced early retirement. Prior to getting sick John was an executive with a large semiconductor company, traveling hundreds of thousands of miles per year, visiting customers and clients around the globe. It was not uncommon for him to wake up in the morning and have to call the hotel operator to ask for not only the time, but the country he was in as well (or so he says). It’s not necessarily a good thing to be greeted by name at the front desk of ten different hotels in ten different countries. Anyway, I digress…

I knew about John's passion for Porsche (and my budding affinity) and suggested we focus it into something more productive (that’s a euphemism for “stop whining and forget about buying another Porsche”). I had read about blogging and the enjoyment people get from it so why shouldn’t we give it a go? After talking it through and splitting up responsibilities (I would do most of the work and John would take all the credit. :-)) we decided to give it a go.

Originally started as 993C4S.com the site was a place to write about our favorite Porsche; our 1997 993 C4S. In just a short time, however, we decided there was much more to say and talk about. John loves older Porsches (almost anything air-cooled) while I like the refinement and grace to be found in today’s newer models. Combine this with the myriad of products and lifestyle events that surround the Porsche brand and we felt that the site name, 993C4S.com, was too narrow, if not misleading for where we were going with it.


Today, FLATSIXES.com is the web’s foremost destination for Porsche owners and automotive enthusiasts interested in the cars, products and lifestyle associated with the Porsche brand. With articles covering everything from purchasing and maintenance tips, car and product reviews to motorsport and other Porsche news, the site welcomes over 50,000 subscribers and unique monthly visitors and is growing rapidly.

FLATSIXES.com focuses on the creation of original and entertaining content. Our goal is to have fun, enjoy our cars and pass along informative, fun and factual information. We encourage everyone to contribute and look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments as the site continues to grow.

Porsche fans interested in subscribing to FLATSIXES.com can do so for FREE via email or RSS feed reader. For information on FLATSIXES.com, or to inquire about sponsorship opportunities, please use our contact page.

Ps. John and I have watched the site grow into more than just a blog. FLATSIXES.com is a community and personal support network for us both. We have met many great people (in real life and virtually) and forged many new friendships. For that, we are eternally grateful! As we publish the site ourselves and do so only as time and John's health allows, we also ask for your patience. While we like to publish on a regular schedule, life doesn’t always cooperate. Most of the time you’ll see at least two new posts from us per week. If there’s more going on in the world of Porsche, or we have more to say, you’ll hear from us. As always, we would love to hear from you and welcome your feedback via commenting on a post or contacting us directly.