How Window Tint is Installed on Porsches and Why You Should Leave it to the Professionals

Notice the title on this post. It's not a "DIY" or "How To". Instead, we're going to show you what different types of tint are available. How it's installed and what techniques make window tint look good vs. bad. Plus, learn what tint is legal in your state and why window tinting is not a great DIY. When we had tinting and a clear bra installed on our Cayenne we were overwhelmed at the expertise and experience needed in order to ensure a good job. While we're not saying you can't do it yourself, we just think you might want to watch the video below to see exactly what's involved in order to have the job done right.

Window tint is mostly enjoyed by drivers for its esthetic enhancement. Additional benefits include reduced glare, prevention of heat build-up, and reflection of UV rays. This video above illustrates the art of proper window tinting for your Porsche. Before proceeding with your own installation, be sure the tints you've chosen comply with local laws and the quality meets your expectations. In other words, choose the right vendor and do your homework first.

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  1. Stephen Rowe says

    Hey, does anyone have any ideas on tinting the ridiculous plastic rear windows in the ’97-02 Boxsters??(sort of just expensively replacing the whole top?). In ’03 forward, I think the Stuttgart design department finally woke up from their beer-induced comma and began to wisely put glass in the convertible tops.

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