1960 Porsche Tractor Super Type 329

While Porsche began designing tractors in the early 1930s, and produced them under a licensing agreements with Allgaier GmbH and the Austrian company Hofherr Schrantz, they didn't begin manufacturing on their own until 1956. Then, between 1956 and 1963 over 125,000 Porsche-Diesel tractors were built. However, only a small number of these, maybe 1000, were sold in the US by American Porsche-Diesel Corporation.

Porsche Diesel Tractor for Sale

Up for sale is this 1960 Porsche Diesel Super Export Type 329 originally owned by Chuck Stoddard. The current owner breeds and trains German horses so they thought it only fitting to have a German tractor. They purchased the Type 329 eleven years ago from Mr. Stoddard and have since used it on their ranch to keep the arena where they train and work the horses maintained.

1960 Porsche Diesel Super Tractor Type 329 for sale

This Porsche Diesel Tractor appears to be in original, unrestored condition. The paint is faded and the tires are old, but everything is straight and in good running condition according to the owner. The Type 329 is the improved and slightly more powerful cousin of the Type 318. Production numbers are believed to be quite low. This example comes equipped with a side mounted mower powered by the center, belt-drive PTO. In addition, it has hydraulics in the rear with draw bar, front and rear hitches and a safety bar.

With an asking price of $11,900 OBO this Porsche tractor looks like a good candidate for an easy cosmetic restoration. The last 1960 Porsche Tractor Super we saw for sale was completely restored and sold for $20,000, so asking price seems to be in the right range. If you're interested in learning more please contact the seller directly via email at Elliott at bestbadco dot com or use our contact form and we'll put you in touch.

What would you do with a Porsche tractor such as this? Would you restore it? Or, would you keep it "as is" an run it as it was meant to be?

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[History info via Porsche-Diesel]

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  1. Doug says

    I would restore it completely love it and Run it! A tractor like this deserves to be restorred correctly and then run as it was intended to be run. It is a machine and it needs to be run, worked and enjoyed. If it gets tired again restorred again. No museum piece is ever as it should be. Only when back where a machine should be can the full extent of its heritage, abd usefulness be realised. To place some fine piece of machinery in a museum is like placing a diamond in a box where no one can ever embrace the full value of it.

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