Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Porsche For Sale. It’s Got Some Serious Back!

"I like big butts and I can not lie". That's the opening line to Sir Mix-A-Lot's hit song "Baby Got Back". Based on the customized Porsche he recently decided to sell, he wasn't lying.

sir mix a lot porsche for sale at cats exotic

This 1984 Gembella Porsche 935 slantnose has more "back" than any other porsche we've seen save this one. However, you could argue that Sir Mix-A-Lot's is more tastefully done, maybe.

interior of sir mix a lots porsche for sale

Named Blurple for its color and speed (apparently it goes like a blur) it's said to be immaculately maintained (just not immaculately vacuumed, click above for a larger image). More importantly, it's received over $15,000 in recent work to bring the Porsche back into shape prior to offering it for sale.


Priced at $49,880, this customized Porsche could be yours. In fact, should you decide to buy this Gembella Avalanche body kit adorned 911 will get the chance to personally meet Sir Mix-A-Lot to get an autographed picture of him with the car (maybe to prove provenance?) or a signed copy of his album.


So Fellas! Fellas! Has your Porsche got the but?

We first saw this Porsche on the NorthWest Auto Salon facebook page right before The Truth About Cars followed up with a post of their own. We reached out to the seller, Roy Cats of Cats Exotic, to verify things and he was kind enough to give us permission to use the pictures above and verified all the info in the original story.

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  1. george says

    Gross! ;-( How to destroy a beautiful car like this 911! Take the front end and make it a slant-nose and add a bubble butt! It looks like taking a beautiful curvy woman, removing the top and adding it to her bum! makes me want to puke! and all that on a convertible too with that enormous T-tray spoiler! Yuk!

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