Trying to Carjack this Porsche could ruin your day.

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With all the various "conflicts" and hot-spots raging around the globe, armored Porsches and other vehicles aren't really all that rare these days. Politicians, government contractors, celebrities, drug runners, everyone seems to have one. However, theirs are defensive weapons designed to keep them safe in the event of an attack. Different levels of armoring provide protection from small arms fire all the way up to Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs). The vehicle in the video below, built by International Armoring Corporation and retrofitted for offensive weapons by Red Jacket Firearms (the crew from the Discover Channel's show Sons of Guns) is the first Porsche I've seen that can fight back. If you can't see the video in your email simply click on Porsche Cayenne with machine guns to watch it directly on our site).

Details on this weaponized Porsche Cayenne

International Armoring Corporation (IAC) started with a Porsche Cayenne Turbo as their platform and then armored it to a "B6" level of protection (it has the ability to stop multiple rounds from high powered rifles) using:

  • Transparent Armor (Glass areas): Windshield, rear glass and side glass removed and replaced with bullet-resistant transparent armor. Transparent multi-layer glass design is glass combined with a polycarbonate inner layer will prevent spalling upon ballistic impact. The glass is curved (except back window hatch insert) and contoured to retain the appearance of the original glass. The ballistic glass is tinted to match the OEM. Driver window is operable with 6”of travel
  • Body: Doors, pillar posts, side panels, kick-panels, firewall, header areas, cargo compartment, rear wheel arches, and rear cargo doors/hatch is armored with Armormax ballistic composite material and ballistic steel in accordance with IAC Level 5 (Euro EN1063- B6) level of defeat. Elitus® overlap system is used around each window and throughout the vehicle to ensure complete protection.
  • Roof: Armored with Armormax® ballistic composite material in accordance with NIJ IIIa standards level of protection at a 30 degree angle.
  • Floor: Floor areas are armored with multi-ply rigid ballistic fragmentation material combined with Armormax® PAC300, molded to form fit contours of floorboards and panels. Floor protection is installed to protect against the explosion of grenades (single German DM51 or US M-67).
  • Vehicle Structured Modifications: IAC reinforced pillar posts and hinge mounts, add high pressure heavy duty shocks where required, and upgrade other suspension components as required to maintain original appearance and maneuverability. This includes: HD sway bars, high tension coil springs and polyurethane suspension bushings.

Red Jacket Firearms adds Concealed Weapons

If you've ever seen the show Sons of Guns before, then you're probably familiar with the way the crew at Red Jacket Firearms likes to tackle problems; overwhelming firepower. The way they transformed this Cayenne is no different.

  • Forward Facing Firepower: The Cayenne Turbo was fitted with a cargo box (similar to the Thule we put on our Cayenne) which was used to conceal two remote controlled M-16s with high capacity Beta magazines that hold 100 rounds each.
  • Rear Facing Firepower: Tailgaiting this particular Cayenne would not be a good idea. As shown in the video at the start of this post there is a third M-16 hidden behind the license capable of unleashing more than enough firepower to relieve your road rage.
  • Blow Anyone Following you Sky High: As if three M-16s aren't enough as is, the crew from Red Jacket mounted two 3" steal tubes capable of firing what are essentially Claymore mines out the back of the tailgate. Unfortunately, during the test run, the explosion used to fire the projectiles created an over-pressure situation inside the rear deck of the Cayenne causing the armored glass and hatch to explode. Amazingly, thanks to the incredible armament job by International Armor Corporation, there was absolutely no damage to the interior of the Cayenne or the passenger. That says quite a bit about the quality of work done by IAC.

central firing arming switches for armored porsche cayenne

All this firepower is controlled via a central control panel concealed neatly inside the stock Cayenne console providing access for either the driver or the passenger to fire the weapons as necessary. Additionally, Red Jacket mounted 7 cameras around the outside of the Cayenne and ran the feeds directly into the Cayenne's navigation system allowing the occupants to keep their heads down and still see what's going on outside the vehicle.

Price for IAC Armored Porsche Cayenne

While it requires specialized and strict licensing for a weaponized Porsche such as this one anyone can buy an armored Cayenne if they feel the need. The total armoring and vehicle package for this Porsche (without the weapon system) is $157,500 from International Armor Corporation. If any of you decide to get one let us know. We want to take it to the range!

Special thanks to Mark F. Burton (IAC's CEO & President) for all the information and pictures of the completed Porsche. If you're interested in seeing more videos or pictures of this Cayenne you can check it out at the Discovery Channel's micro-site or on YouTube [sorry, these links have no longer work since the show was cancelled]. If you're interested in buying one of these or any other type of armored vehicle then give Mark at IAC a call.

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