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Everything You Need To Know About Putting Your Porsche On A Dyno

Porsche 964 on dyno

Larry Kosilla may be best know for his /DRIVE CLEAN video series that teaches Porsche owners how best to cosmetically care for their cars, but he's also a Porsche owner and enthusiast himself. Long-term readers of our site are more than likely familiar with the 964 street/track 911 he recently built and is the featured car in this video. While …

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Porsche Replacing Hood Lock Bracket On 4,428 Sports Cars

recall porsche 911 cayman boxster hood latch

During routine in-house quality checks Porsche discovered that the lock bracket of the front hood has the potential for problems at some point during their life cycle. While the vehicles pass all current strength requirements, the specific part may not meet Porsche-specific quality standards throughout the life cycle of the vehicle. As a …

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Would You Consider the Porsche Boxster 986 Or The Porsche 911 996 As Classics?

porsche 911 996 porsche classic

Porsche does! Unlike the multitude of definitions available on the web about what makes a car a "classic" one, Porsche has a very specific definition. Generally, Porsche Classic looks after those vehicles whose production was discontinued at least 10 years previously. Both the Porsche Boxster Type 986 and the Porsche 911 Type 996 qualify and were …

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The Making of the Stop Motion Porsche Engine Tear Down Video

Porsche1.porsche engine stop motion tear down

Like so many of you who saw last week's stop motion video of the Porsche engine being torn down we wanted to know who was behind it and how it was done. Here's what we found out.If you watch the credits closely you'll notice a website for This is a Porsche specialty shop in Hamburg, Germany. The owner, Matthias Höing …

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A 10 Step Pre-Purchase Inspection for your Next Used Porsche

Porsche pre purchase inspection

We've talked about the importance of a pre-purchase inspection for your Porsche many times in the past and think that the checklist offered in this Porsche Buyer's Guide is one of the most thorough we've seen in a while. However, the video below from our friend Larry over at AMMOnyc does a great job of illustrating what's involved in a PPI on …

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Fascinating Stop Motion Film of a Porsche Engine Getting Torn Down

Screen shot 2013-07-05 at 12.25.33 PM

When I first read the description of this video I wasn't expecting a whole heck of a lot. However, it quickly captured my attention and had me mesmerized. Right before my eyes this worn down 3.2 liter Porsche Engine was deconstructed, piece by piece, as if by magic. The wizardry of stop motion photography makes me continue to watch this clip over …

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A Guide to the Meaning Behind Porsche’s Part Numbers

Porsche PET System screen shot

Whether you are a “do-it-yourselfer”, or simply looking to save a few dollars by shopping for your own parts, chances are, as a Porsche owner, you've run across those crazy 11 digit numbers (000-000-000-00) that signify the one piece you need for your pride and joy to be perfect again.  What does it all mean?  How do part houses and Porsche …

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Winter is Coming! Is Your Porsche Ready?

Porsche Winter Storage Tips

If you're a fan of Game of Thrones, then you'll recognize the Stark's motto in our title. If you're not, excuse the obscure reference, but it doesn't change the fact that winter is coming! While I don't expect "the Others" to walk out of the north (you really need to start watching Game of Thrones), I do expect snow at any time from this point …

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Does Your Porsche Have an iManual?

porsche owners manuals online

We get a lot of questions submitted to us here at Some technical, others not so much. One of the most frequent is, "How do I properly close the hood or trunk of my Porsche? Do I push down on the badge?" A quick online search will show you a number of conflicting opinions found in various forums, on blogs and from other Porsche …

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Porsche Winter Floor Mats

Passenger Seat in Porsche Cayenne

When we bought our 2009 Cayenne one of the first things I did was to protect the outside of it with a clear bra. This turned out to be a great investment and my only regret is that I didn't do something to protect the inside of my Porsche at the same time. You see, we split our time between Maine, Florida and a little barrier island off the coast …

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