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The Last Turn: Cutaways

cutaway Porsche Boxster-newsletter-feature

There’s really no substitute for seeing what is going on inside, as any radiologist will tell you. The guy who really gets the best view, though, is the surgeon, looking straight into the matter at hand rather than reading shadows, and it is this view that is favored by Porsche when demonstrating the workings of their products. Which is how there …

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The Last Turn: A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing


There are several good reasons you may have never laid eyes on a 936 before; there were never but four of them, the last was made some 35 years ago, and they were never raced in the US. A landmark car for Porsche, the 936 brought Zuffenhausen three overall wins and two seconds at Le Mans between 1976 and 1981, won at Kyalami, and then romped to …

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The Last Turn – Großmutter: The Grandmother Of Porsche Spyders

Sebring  Herbert Linge  Grossmutter-small

The last and most famous of the Porsche Spyders, the W-RS eventually became known as Großmutter—Grandmother in English—because of its years of racing history. Shown here at Sebring in 1964, it was near the end of its long career, and was again serving, alongside the brand new 904s, as a long-distance racer. In the days when Porsche had taken on …

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The Last Turn: The Last Of The First

Moneterey 82 Mathe 60K10-small

The Monterey Historics Porsche tribute in August of 1982 provided a notable chance to see many famous Porsches and famous Porsche drivers, but was unique for me in its opportunity to see the only remaining Type 60K10. Porsche had, in the 1930s, already designed and proposed production of the VW based Type 64 sports car, only to be turned down by …

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The Last Turn: Sitting In The Rain

2007Rennsport Reunion racecars in rain small

It’s not very often that you see several million dollars of retired race cars just sitting around in the rain, but here they were, caught out in a shower after being organized, more or less, for a group picture at Daytona in 2007. The event was, of course, Rennsport Reunion, that always grand tribute to all things Porsche with the emphasis on …

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The Last Turn: Engineers

Wolfgang Durheimer Porschesmall

An outstanding part of any journey is the people you meet along the way, and my 40 year journey with PCA and PANORAMA was clearly no exception. The Porsche family, of course, has to top the list, but close behind are the engineers. These are the guys who would look you in the eye and tell you the truth about the product, even when it was not …

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The Last Turn: A Very Good Year


1970 was a good year to be at Daytona. The year before had only been fairly entertaining with five Porsches—all 911s--in the top ten finishers, but the big-iron Lola-Chevrolet T70s entered by Roger Penske and James Garner had dominated the field. In 1970 Porsche and Ferrari both had their own brand new big iron, the Lolas had gone the way of the …

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The Last Turn

Prosche at Spa in 1996

Late in 1996, after finishing up the European introduction for the new Boxster, Porsche loaned us a 993 to take a bit of a side trip before returning to the States. At the time, there was a European racing competition called the BPR Global GT Series, which the following year became the FIA GT Championship. McLaren was to win the series in both …

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What It’s Like To Photograph The Porsche 918 Spyder At 217 MPH

Porsche 918 open speed zone

Remember the video we showed you a few weeks back of the Porsche 918 Spyder traveling at 217 mph through the Australian Outback? In addition to the vidoegraphers on site to produce the spot, Porsche hired automotive photographer Easton Chang to document the event from inside the car and above.We tracked him down to get his thoughts on …

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The Last Turn

Porsche 911 pininfarina design study

In 1993, Porsche AG hosted “Sternfahrt” as a celebration of 30 years of the 911. The format of the event was much like a PCA multi-regional, but the location was a bit more exotic, and members of the Porsche family (including Butzi Porsche, designer of the 911), Porsche engineers, and even the old racing director, Baron Huschke von Hanstein, were …

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