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This Is What The All New Porsche GT3 RS Sounds Like In Person

Porsche 911 GT3 RS exhaust sounds

If you think the new 911 GT3 RS looks good, wait until you hear what it sounds like in person. Youtube user NM2255 (Otherwise known as Nick from Italy) caught a GT3 RS in the metal recently. I can't tell at what track Nick "stumbled" upon this GT3 RS, but those definitely look like Porsche employees in the background. Regardless, the video below …

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Porsche’s Andreas Preuninger Explains The Front Fins On The New 911 GT3 RS

evo andreas preuniger porsche 911 gt3 rs geneva video

By now you've probably read everything we've written and shown you about the new 911 GT3 RS. However, nothing can ever take the place of having the car's designer, Porsche's Andreas Preuninger, explain in detail the features and specification that make the GT3 RS so special. One of the many facts we learned in this video was that the carbon fiber …

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Brendon Hartley Makes Cameraman Sick During Test Drive Of New GT3 RS

Porsche 911 GT3 RS on track video

I love when Porsche releases a new model, it almost guarantees you'll get new videos featuring said model on a daily basis. Such is the case with the new 911 GT3 RS. Released late last night, the video below features Porsche factory driver Brendon Hartley as he travels to Weissach to see the GT3 RS for the first time. After a quick tour around …

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Here It Is! Porsche Finally Reveals The 991 GT3 RS In Geneva

911 GT3 RS

After months of speculation, hundreds of rumors, leaked spec documents last week, and a few outlets releasing actual pictures a bit too early last night, the official reveal took place this morning at Porsche's press conference in Geneva.Watch And Listen To The Porsche GT3 RS In The MetalHere's Are The Facts We Know For …

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991 GT3 RS Details Leaked


Over the weekend we were alerted to the possible "leak" of technical specifications regarding the new 991 GT3 RS. While our first instinct was to post it, call it fact and get the clicks, we instead held off and tried our best to verify the info. Unfortunately, we haven't received any comment back from Porsche (to be expected as if it's true they …

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Meet The GT2 Love Child Of Magnus Walker And Alex Ross Of SharkWerks

the porsche GT2 created by Magnus Walker and Alex Ross of SharkWerks

If you follow Magnus Walker on Facebook you know he's been talk a lot lately about OPP (Other People's Porsches). That's because last November Alex Ross, of Porsche tuner SharkWerks, stopped by Magnus' LA shop and dropped off his 997 GT2 telling Magnus to keep it for as long as he wanted and to treat it as if it were his own. Magnus took that last …

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Video: Motor Trend Pits Porsche’s GT3 Against Chevrolet’s Camaro Z28


Wait, Seriously? Let me read that title again. GT3, okay, that makes sense. Z28, yep, I read that right. Are they crazy? Does the Z28 really have any business going up against the GT3 in a one-on-one?  The GT3 is an agile ninja to the Z28's bulldozer. This is a peregrine falcon versus an ostrich. This comparison is the age old scalpel versus …

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Video: Why Motor Trend’s Carlos Lago Loves Porsche’s 991 GT3


Carlos Lago is among my favorite YouTube automotive reviewers right now, partly because Motor Trend has his back with quality filming and access to amazing cars, but partly because he is one of the most enthusiastic and energetic people on video. You can tell from just one viewing that he's genuinely excited to be doing what he's doing, and he has …

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Road & Track Name Porsche’s 991 GT3 2015 Performance Car of The Year


The year 2014 still has just over a month and a half left before the calendar is spent, but R&T is getting a jump on things, already announcing their winner of 2015 Performance Car of the Year (PCOTY). The 991 GT3 faced a tough year in the awards arena this year due to the engine recall, which more than likely cost it Motor Trend's Drivers Car …

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Is This Die Cast Model Porsche’s 2015 GT3 RS?


By now you may have seen the leaked picture of Porsche's newest model, the 991 generation 2015 GT3 RS. By model, I don't mean a variant of their current motor car lineup, I mean a 1:43 scale die cast model. The model itself, judging by the packaging and the font used on the base, appears to be one of the officially licensed 'Porsche Design Driver's …

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