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Once A Black Sheep, The Porsche 912 Is Getting Revenge

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In 2012, Julien Borne’s father died suddenly. This event – in tandem with the birth of his daughter – caused Borne to pause and take stock of his own life and priorities, an episode of reflection that ultimately led him to a sad-looking 1967 Porsche 912 and a dilapidated house in the French countryside.Borne had been racing in the French …

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An Electric 1967 Porsche 912


When most of us think of "electric" cars or a vehicle that is purpose built to be environmentally friendly, the Porsche brand is probably not top of mind. It's not that Porsche makes cars that pollute any more than others (despite all the recent news in London) it is simply a matter of being better known as makers of the ultimate, everyday …

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