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An Ode to the First Real Day of Summer


That I have spent the previous 6 months absolutely envious of those in warmer climes is both immediately obvious, and completely inconsequential.  As I write this, there isn't a place in the world I would rather be.  The first day of real summer in the Midwest is a glorious affair, and I would venture that nobody in Malibu could ever experience …

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What is the 944Fest and Why Should You Attend?


My job and life are constantly conspiring to prevent me from attending many (but not all!) Porsche-related events. After missing the last three 944Fests, I decided that I wouldn’t repeat the same mistake again, and committed to prepping my car for a weekend of racing and recreation. My dad’s 944 Turbo was fresh from the shop and track ready – what …

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Giving Thanks!

small 944 panoramic

As I was editing today's post about this year's 944Fest and preparing to publish it, I suddenly remembered that it was the two year anniversary of PorschePurist and I was struck by how far the site has come since my first couple of posts (first post, second post). As of today, just shy of 1,000,000 unique visitors have found their way to …

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Less Money = More Fun

There is an old saw in the Porsche, and European auto as a whole, enthusiast circles that the most expensive Porsche/Ferrari/Lotus you can buy is a cheap one. The problem is, no one talks about the fact that this is only true if your goal is to own a perfectly restored, 100% stock Porsche. There are many reasons why a car can be inexpensive when …

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How to Change the Oil in a Porsche 944

My mechanical expertise, having been finally recognized by your editor, seems to be in demand. I have been asked to submit a technical article for publication in the Maine Porsche News (This is the local PCA newsletter for the Down East Region). I have chosen a subject which is dear to my heart, the exsanguination of dirty motor oil and the …

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Porsche 944 Station Wagon by DP Motorsport

Ok, so you need a new car and you want some extra room. However, given the price of gas today, you don’t want and/or need a full blown SUV like the Porsche Cayenne. Well, DP Motorsport has just the answer. The DP44 or DP Cargo is a beautifully customized station wagon (what the Brit's would call an 'estate' or a 'shooting brake') based on a …

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