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Watch Walter Röhrl Drift The Cayenne GTS & Turbo S On Ice

Walter Röhrl driftig cayenne on ice and snow

Porsche is obviously putting a big push on for to show just how capable their entire model line-up is in the snow. We saw first hand at Camp4 Canada a few weeks ago how well the 911 and Cayman can do. Additionally, most of us know that the Cayenne handles as well off-road as it does on, but sometimes it's hard to translate that knowledge to the …

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Porsche Issues Their Largest Recall Ever

Porsche Cayenne Recall 13500 vehicles china

Earlier this month we told you about Porsche's smallest recall when they called in a total of two (2) Cayennes for a few screws not tightened to the proper torque setting. This time we have word of a recall affecting nearly 13,500 vehicles worldwide in order to fix a faulty seal that could allow fuel to evaporate. Why such a big recall vs. the …

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Porsche Debuts Cayenne Turbo S At The Detroit Auto Show

Cayenne Turbo S

Porsche's big-brawler SUV is more alive than it has ever been, and is now available with more power than ever. How could that possibly be a bad thing? Where other manufacturers like Jaguar and Bentley are just now entering the SUV market, Porsche is perfecting the trend with a Cayenne that offers better everything and more of it. The newly …

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Porsche Recalling A Total Of 2 Cayennes

2015 Porsche Cayenne Recall

Porsche, just like any other car manufacturer, will have recalls to deal with from time to time. What's different about Porsche is their scope and the issues they cover. This latest recall is a perfect example. Unlike GM, VW or other high volume manufacturer, Porsche's recall doesn't cover millions of cars, hundreds of thousands of cars, or even …

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Poor Driving Skills On Deep River Crossing Drowns This Cayenne


Sometimes when a group of friends are around, especially when there is a video camera running, we humans are known to do some pretty dumb things. We would probably all describe ourselves as relatively responsible drivers, but be honest, we've all been 'hanging out with the guys' and done a burnout, a donut, or jumped some train tracks in our day. …

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The 600,000th Porsche Cayenne Just Rolled Off The Assembly Line

600000th Porsche Cayenne

North American sales of the now iconic Porsche Cayenne began in 2003. Since then, the Cayenne has hit production milestone after production mileston. Now, models from the Cayenne line-up make up more than one-third of Porsche's entire vehicle delivery count through the first 9 months of 2014. Late last week, Porsche announced yet another …

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Pricing, Pictures and Specs Of The New Base Cayenne and GTS


When Porsche announced the face-lifted Cayenne back in July, the base model was conspicuously absent from the line-up. Today, Porsche announced that not only is the base model back, but so is its much bigger more powerful brother, the Cayenne GTS.Let's Start With The 2015 Cayenne GTS Premiering at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November …

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Porsche Replaces Cayenne’s V-8 With Twin Turbo V-6: Announces Redesigned 2015 Cayenne; More Powerful Engines, A Proper Plug-In Hybrid, And Still No PDK


In following with the redesign Porsche introduced last fall on the Panamera, the 2015 Cayenne is also getting a facelift, along with a scad of new features. The Macan's big-brother is continuing to grow up with sharper exterior lines, some new pretty headlamps, a pair of "3D tail lamps", and an injection of that "familial DNA" that Porsche seems to …

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This Porsche Cayenne Has Nokian Winter Tires With A Retractable Stud System

Nokian Hakkapeliitta concept tire with retractable stud system

While the average Cayenne owner will never test the off-road capabilities of their Porsche, they are actually quite capable. That off-road aptitude translates extremely well to winter driving, especially when equipped with proper winter tires. Nokian is taking things a step further with the first non-studded winter tire with studs, the Nokian …

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Porsche Platinum Edition Cayenne Price And Info

Porsche Cayenne Platinum Edition rear shot

Porsche is offering a special edition Cayenne series called the Platinum Edition. Based on the Cayenne and Cayenne Diesel models, the Platinum Editions offer many of the most-requested options as standard. On the outside, the special status of these models is demonstrated by the exterior detail accents in Platinum Silver Metallic, with an exclusive …

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