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Documentary Featuring Singer Vehicle Design Founder Rob Dickinson And His Re-imagined Porsches 911s

Xcar documentary on singer porsche

At this point, if you're a Porsche fan, you might not recognize the name Rob Dickinson, but you definitely know his company, Singer Vehicle Design. The Porsche 911 Re-imagined by Singer is, in my humble opinion, the ultimate in Porsche porn and as such has been the subject of more videos then Jenna Jameson. That's why when XCAR emailed us this …

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Confirmed: A Porsche 911 Targa Reimagined By Singer Is On The Way!

rendering of a Porsche Targa 911 Reimagnined by Singer

Last week we received an email from subscriber, and French Porsche blogger Thomas Schenck, with pictures showing what a Porsche 964 Targa might look like were it to be reimagined by Singer (that's Porsche lawyer speak for don't call it a Singer Porsche). As most of you know, Singer uses 964s as their donor car of choice. As the 964 was the last …

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Watch As Nakai-San Builds The First RWB Porsche In Los Angeles

An RWB in Los Angeles being rolled into the shop

By now, most of you are familiar with the wide body insanity that is RWB. Just last week we saw the Hoonigans doing donuts in theirs and a few weeks before that it was Leh Keen introducing us to the newest Porsche in his father's collection. Even though it might seem like these cars are everywhere, they aren't. Instead, RWB's founder and creative …

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How to Build a 3.8L Porsche Track Monster

larry kosilla and matt farah on track in 964

Master detailer Larry Kosilla is entrusted to beautify some of the world’s most valuable and collectible cars. Including more than his fair share of Porsches. But he also likes to drive and has owned a number of interesting cars himself, including a Superformance Cobra with a Roush big block. When he decided to purchase a Porsche in 2013, Larry …

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Video: Joe Rogan’s Sharkwerks Porsche GT3 RS Defines Perfection

Joe Rogan's Sharkwerks Porsche

How do you define, "perfect"? Joe Rogan has owned a number of sports cars. Over the years his cars got more powerful but seemed to lose that raw, connected feeling that many of us love. Then he found the Porsche GT3, and fell in love. However, he missed the power of the turbo. He wanted more. So he bought a GT3 RS and sent it right to Porsche …

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Take A Tour Of Magnus Walker’s Garage

Magnus Walker and Chris Forsberg for a garage tour video shoot

Last week's episode of "Garage Tours" featured BBI Autosport's garage, this week Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg takes us on a tour of what just may be the most photographed and recorded garage in recent history; Magnus Walker's shop in downtown LA. Having visited it ourselves we can tell you first hand how open and warm Magnus is to all his …

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Take A Tour Of BBI Autosport’s Garage

bbi autosport garage tour video

If you're not familiar with BBI Autosport, do yourself a favor and check out their site and some of their projects. If the name is familiar to you, you probably saw them during Jeff Zwart's latest Pikes Peak attempt as well as the Porsches they run on the Texas Mile (just to name a couple). In the video below, Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg …

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This Is What A Porsche 356 Chopper Looks Like

A Porsche 356 turned into a chopper or trike

We seen Porsches, and Porsche parts, turned into any number of different items, and more often than not we've liked them. There was the Boxster turned into a Lambo, the 911 stretched into a Limo, the GT3 wing into a shelf, even a 356 beat into a BBQ. However, this is the first time we've seen someone take what is said to be a "numbers matching" …

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Watch What Happens When A 1300 HP Porsche Blows A Tire At 180 MPH

king kong porsche 911 texas invitational video

"King Kong" now that's an aptly named Porsche, especially when it's pushing 1300 horsepower and its owner's name is Kong Chang. At this year's Texas Invitational Chang was on a solo run for speed when he blew a front tire at 180 MPH. What could have been a horrible accident was avoided by skill, luck or a more than likely a mix of the two. What's …

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NSFW: Meet “The Sopranos”. China’s First RWB Porsche 993

RWB Porsche china the sopranos

RAUH-Welt Begriff (RWB) and its foundwe Akira Nakai are taking over the Porsche tuning world one country at a time. Nakai-san began in his home country of Japan working on his own cars with his own style. Perhaps one of the few tuners to blur the lines between purists and tuned enthusiasts, RWB has shops in Europe, Thailand, the United Kingdom …

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