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Will Someone Please Build This Insane RWB Cayman GT4

cayman GT4 RWB rendering

Up until now, all the Porsche's coming out from RWB found Nakai-san have always been based on classic, air-cooled Porsches. But what if he did something more modern? Something more aggressive. Something totally out of left field? What would about a RWB Cayman GT4? What would that look like? That's exactly the question that well known rendering …

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RWB Australia’s “Southern Cross” Pays Tribute To A Very Famous Porsche

rwb southern cross small

RWB Australia just completed their first build with the help of legendary RWB founder Nakai-san and it's nothing short of what you would expect, spectacular!There aren't a ton of details on the car itself yet as it won't have its official debut until a little later this month. At this point pretty much all we know comes way of Instagram and …

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Emory Motorsports On Jay Leno’s Garage

emory motorsport jay lenos garage-small

Back in April, contributor Alex Baghdassarian caught up with Rod Emory at the L.A. Lit and Toy Show. Over the course of his interview Alex was able to pull out a number of details regarding Rod's history, the history of Emory motorsport and the start of the 356 Outlaw movement that we hadn't heard before. So, we were pleasantly …

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Watch “FullSong” The Story of Chris Runge’s Frankfurt Flyer

chris runge frankfurt flyer

If you're a Porsche fan and you're on Facebook, there's a chance you've seen some of Chris Runge's work. He's a Porsche enthusiast who has a love of history and hand hammered metal working. Combining the two he's created his own, unique works of art that would most likely make Dr. Porsche proud. To get a better understanding of his work and what …

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Singer’s Simply Stunning 911 Targa


Singer Vehicle Design's legal department doesn't want you to call it a Singer Porsche, a Singer 911, a Singer Targa or anything else other than a "Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer" (presumably because Porsche themselves doesn't want Singer to). Names aside, this "reimagined" Targa speaks to me in a voice so much louder than other Porsches. It …

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Singer To Debut New Targa Model At Goodwood

Singer Targa

Singer Vehicle Design has been "reimagining" some of the most beautiful Porsches in the world for a few years now, using a gorgeous piece of artwork built by Porsche and taking it to another level. Their machines have been driving around my dreams since the first time I saw one. The quilted leather, the amazing paint, and the high-output big-bore …

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Installing Porsche 993 “Big Red” Brakes On A 964

how to put porsche 993 brakes on a 964

Our buddy Larry, over at AMMO NYC, has been building out his 964 for a little over a year now. One of the last major updates we showed you was when he decided to build his stock 3.6 964 engine into a 3.8 liter RS spec monster. As most of you know, when you upgrade the power on your Porsche it's a must to then upgrade the brakes. That's exactly …

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Detailing A Singer Porsche

detailing a singer Porsche video

Larry Kosilla of AMMO NYC, detailer extraordinaire, gets his hands on some incredible cars as one of the top detailers in the country. So, when he says a car is one of his "all-time top 5 cars I've ever gotten to work on and drive" you know we're dealing with something special. This particular Porsche, one "reimagined by Singer" took 10-months to …

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Track Attack: How Does A 1972 911 Hot Rod Compare To A 918 Spyder?

72 911 vs 918 spyder comparison chart

In the summer of 2014 we showed you Motor Trend's video review of the 918 Spyder at Willow Springs raceway in Southern California. In that video, pro-driver Randy Pobst laid down a 1 minute 23.5 second lap, which was the fastest lap ever on that track for a production car. What they didn't show in that video is that they also had a 50th Anniversary …

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How To Shoehorn 650 hp Into Porsche 911 SC

eric plebani mitshubishi porsche

More than one Porsche enthusiast will be shaking their head at this transformation… for a number of reasons. In today’s trend toward “originality” a 911 SC made up to look like a 930 already has a few strikes against it. Consider the flat-six engine has been replaced by a non-German brand, one that is water-cooled, and things get even dicier. Is …

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