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Consider Yourself A Porsche Aficionado? We Bet You Don’t Know These Obscure Porsche Terms.

Porche wedgeblade

When it comes to the world of Porsche, we know we're not experts, but after producing this site for nearly 8 years we've come to learn a lot. That's why, when we found a source of mostly obscure terms that even we weren't familiar with, we knew we had to share. I mean let's face it, when talking or reading about Porsche, and the nomenclature used …

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Swiss Porsche 959 Crushed In Rollover Accident

Porsche 959 rollover

It's always a crying shame when stuff like this happens. Porsche's 959 is a rare, extraordinary, and legendary piece of machinery, so losing one has to be a lot like losing a family member. You would imagine that after years of searching to find the right one, that the car would have to be special to its owner, right? As such, I can't imagine the …

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We Spend A Memorable Porsche Weekend In Los Angeles


Every year, the VW/Porsche Toy And Literature Swap Meet weekend gets bigger and bigger. Last year, I decided to drive my way down the spine of California to the swap meet, and it was a nightmare. Between the rain, the 8 hour drive, and the cost of parking, it was decided that it would be better to fly down this year. Besides, by flying, I'm …

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The Porsche 914s Of Amelia Island

Row  914s

Another Amelia Island Concours has come and gone. We've already posted all the Porsche auction results, so now it's time for pictures. This year's show featured the Porsche 914 and did so with a splendid grouping of significant 914 race cars. As we've done for the last few years, we've given the assignment of documenting the Porsches on Amelia …

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This Is How The Frozen Tracks At Porsche’s Camp4 Canada Are Created


One of the coolest parts of going to Porsche's Camp4 Canada was learning all about how the circuits used for the driving experience are crafted. It's a delicate art, trying to balance how much snow and ice are underneath the cars. The people who run and maintain the tracks, Mécaglisse, are artists, and they take great pride in their art. Here are a …

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30+ Pictures From Patrick Long’s Luftgekühlt II


Last Sunday, Porsche fans were treated to one of the greatest displays of air-cooled models of the iconic brand, from very early 356's to 993's and variants in between. For the second time in less than six months, Porsche factory racer Patrick Long, and his partner Howie Idelson, organized "Luftgekühlt" II (it's the German word for air-cooled, …

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“Ohh, The Humanity!” Watch A Porsche 911 Turbo S Burn To The Ground


Sometimes you're in the right place at the right time. Such was the case with Robert "Mefi Bob" Radke of when he went on what he thought was a routine trip to Costco last week. As he came out of the store, and walked toward his car, he smelled smoke and noticed a small crowd around another car a few rows downwind of where he had …

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Judge Orders Billionaire’s Porsche Seized And Then Drives It Himself

Photo by Cezar Loureiro/Agência O Globo

Former billionaire Eike Batista was once Brazil's richest man. I say "once" because he is said to have lost nearly everything in 2013 after his EBX conglomerate fell apart and his oil firm OGX filed for Latin America's largest bankruptcy. Adding insult to injury, his Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, just one of a number of luxury vehicles he owned, was …

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Sitting Down With Patrick Long To Talk Luftgekühlt, Driving For Porsche And His Love Of Racing


Our last contribution from's newest roving contributor, A.J. Gordon from the Petersen Museum, featured A.J. chatting with Patrick Long, Patrick Dempsey, Magnus Walker and Chad McQueen during the inaugural Luftgekühlt car show last year in L.A. Well, A.J. is back at it only this time he has Patrick Long all to himself and they spend …

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