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Long Layover? Drive A Porsche!

porsche first class lufthansa

Back in 2013 Lufthansa and Porsche joined forces to chauffeur passengers between terminals and flights at the Frankfurt airport (similar to the arrangement Porsche has with Delta in certain US airports). Following that, they started offering a "Porsche First Class Excitement" option that allowed those passengers flying Lufthansa in first class, …

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Video: Walter Röhrl Shunts A 918 Spyder At Sachsenring

Walter Rohrl Crashes 918 Spyder

To err is human. Even when that human is legendary driver Walter Rohrl. He's been driving at the limit of high-performance street and race cars since well before I was even born. He's won more races than should be humanly possible. Even as he gracefully ages, he always seems to be around when a German manufacturer needs to show off the speed of …

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First Look At The Car Elevator For The Porsche Design Tower In Miami

car elevator video from the Porsche Design Tower Miami

Up until now, if you wanted to see how your Porsche would make its way into your "sky garage" at the Porsche Design Tower in Miami, you needed to rely on artist renderings and animation. That changes with the release of the video below. Porsche Design Tower developer Gil Dezer released the following video of two Porsches using a nine-story mock-up …

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Porsche Opens Their Newest Experience Center in Le Mans

Porsche Experience Center Le Mans France

It was slightly more than a year ago that plans were announced to open the only Porsche Experience Center in France at Le Mans. Last Friday, a little over a year since the announcement and just prior to the official start of the 24 Hour race, Porsche France celebrated the official opening of the Porsche Experience Center Le Mans. Located on the …

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Porsche Scion Opens World’s Largest Transportation Toyland

Hans-Peter Porsche TraumWerk

The new Hanz-Peter Porsche TraumWerk museum in the Berchtesgaden area of Bavaria truly is, as its name implies, a "dream" world for those who still see the world with a child's eye. Stuffed full of Porsche's personal collection of toys including cars, ships, planes and any other mode of transportation you can think of, the museum is a nod to …

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The Perfect Garage

dave newton garage3

I’d never had my own garage before; not a real one anyway. When my wife and I bought our first condo, we had a parking lot, but no garage. Five years later we moved into a townhouse that had a single bay, but neither car would get past the door-frame without folding the side mirrors in like the ears on an angry cat. So that space became my …

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2015 Rennsport Reunion Poster Design Revealed

official rennsport reunion v poster

We’re already counting off the days till this fall’s Rennsport Reunion V at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. But with Porsche Cars North America releasing the event poster today, our hearts are racing just a little faster in anticipation. Featuring the very first 356 entered at Le Mans along with the 1970 917 that took Porsche’s first overall win at Le …

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A Semi-Private Tour Of European Collectibles

the sales floor full of Porsches at European collectibles

Earlier this year, while in the Los Angeles area for the Vintage VW and Porsche Literature, Toy, and Memorabilia Swap Meet, I sent a message to a colleague of mine in the Porsche business to see if they wouldn't mind my stopping by the shop for a semi-private tour. They were preparing for their Saturday evening open house on Friday, so I had to …

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10 Pieces Of Porsche Technology That Transferred From The Race Track To The Road

porsche technology transfer small

1. Ring Synchronization: Before there was PDK…Before there was Tiptronic…Before there was Synchronization, there was the legendary “crash-box” transmission. Drivers were expected to have the skills to match engine RPMs with transmission RPMs for each gear. That meant listening and feeling what the car was doing for ever gearshift made, especially …

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Porsche Returned To Owner 8-Years After It Was Stolen

Michelle Benson's stolen '76 Porsche 914.

It's every Porsche owner's worst nightmare. You grab your keys with thoughts of a spirited drive only to find your beloved Porsche is missing, stolen from your own garage or driveway. That's what happened to Michel Benson more than 8-years ago when her '76 914 was taken from the driveway of her Santa Cruz home.The theft happened while Benson …

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