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Road Raging Porsche Driver Picks Fight With Box Truck. Not Surprisingly, Truck Wins

Photo via Leesburg, VA Police Department

Admit it, it happens to all of us at one time or another. You're driving along and someone does something that sets your blood boiling and puts you into the red zone; Road rage. For most of us, that means a moment or two of apoplexy. Or, if we're not quite that enraged, maybe some shouting and finger salutes. Hopefully, that's as far as it goes. …

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7 Porsche “Supercars” From 7 Different Decades

1997 Porsche 911 GT1

Wikipedia defines a "supercar" as a very expensive and high-performance sports car or grand tourer. Another definition, more comprehensive if you will, was sent to us a while back by a reader who thought a supercar was one that is in the top percentile of all cars from its era with regard to acceleration, top speed, braking and price. No matter …

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Why Porsche Fans Should Watch /DRIVE on NBC Sports Next Weekend

Nico Hulkenberg

Next weekend, in honor of the Bahrain Grand Prix, NBC Sports is going all out with a brand new "Middle East" episode, the season premier, of /Drive. For those who haven't been following along, the /Drive channel on YouTube puts up some amazing content, and their premium channel /Drive+ produces a quality television length program every week. In …

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1/3rd Scale Operational 911 Engine Is Everything That Is Awesome In The World


Why are we Porsche enthusiasts? What is it about the brand that draws such fanaticism among its followers? There are multitude reasons, of course, and chances are high that your reason is different than many others. I am a Porsche enthusiast, mainly, because of the other enthusiasts. I am always interested and intrigued by the things some folks …

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Porsche Jumping Back Into The Tractor Market, Introduces New “Rasentraktoren” Model

Porsche lawnmower

After decades of concentrating solely on making fast and fun automobiles, Porsche has announced that they are returning to a market they once had a strong presence in, tractors. Having produced a small handful of tractor models, including their most famous model the "Diesel Junior", Porsche feels the time is right to give that market a taste of …

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Consider Yourself A Porsche Aficionado? We Bet You Don’t Know These Obscure Porsche Terms.

Porche wedgeblade

When it comes to the world of Porsche, we know we're not experts, but after producing this site for nearly 8 years we've come to learn a lot. That's why, when we found a source of mostly obscure terms that even we weren't familiar with, we knew we had to share. I mean let's face it, when talking or reading about Porsche, and the nomenclature used …

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Swiss Porsche 959 Crushed In Rollover Accident

Porsche 959 rollover

It's always a crying shame when stuff like this happens. Porsche's 959 is a rare, extraordinary, and legendary piece of machinery, so losing one has to be a lot like losing a family member. You would imagine that after years of searching to find the right one, that the car would have to be special to its owner, right? As such, I can't imagine the …

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We Spend A Memorable Porsche Weekend In Los Angeles


Every year, the VW/Porsche Toy And Literature Swap Meet weekend gets bigger and bigger. Last year, I decided to drive my way down the spine of California to the swap meet, and it was a nightmare. Between the rain, the 8 hour drive, and the cost of parking, it was decided that it would be better to fly down this year. Besides, by flying, I'm …

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The Porsche 914s Of Amelia Island

Row  914s

Another Amelia Island Concours has come and gone. We've already posted all the Porsche auction results, so now it's time for pictures. This year's show featured the Porsche 914 and did so with a splendid grouping of significant 914 race cars. As we've done for the last few years, we've given the assignment of documenting the Porsches on Amelia …

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