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Video of The Magnus Walker #277 Crash

magnus walker accident video

Earlier this week we learned that Magnus Walker was in an accident with his beloved #277. Now, video of the accident has surfaced. Magnus was giving a ride to local journalist, Vineeta Sawkar, from the Minneapolis Star Tribune when the tail-end came a little loose around a corner on the frontage road. Then this happened.If you're having …

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GTS – The 3 Most Exciting Letters In Porsche Motorsport


Porsche engineers built the original Gran Turismo Sport for the 1964 Targa Florio In the 60's, many races took place on public roads and covered long distances. As a result, the engineers from Zuffenhausen needed a Porsche that was fast, comfortable and safe; allowing the drivers to completely focus on the race. The GTS was the answer.The …

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Magnus Walker and #277 In Accident!

Magnus Walker accident

Magnus Walker, and his now iconic #277 Porsche, were traveling today for a rally and grand opening event with Porsche of Minneapolis. Unfortunately, it looks like everyone's favorite Outlaw had a pretty bad day.ruh-oh... A bad day at the office for #277 and Magnus Walker. The word on the street is everyone is fine and the car can be …

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Michelin Showcases All Porsche GT Cars Together For The First Time

Porsche GT models all together

For the first time in one spot, all 4 models of the Porsche GT are displayed together. Check out Gunnar Jeannette and Johnny Valencia visiting Porsche Werks! Michelin is OEM on the 1996 911 GT1, the 996 GT2, 997 GT3, and the Cayman GT4.If you're having trouble viewing the embedded video above, you can watch it here on Michelin's Facebook …

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Porsches Are Meant To Be Driven And Shared. The Ingram Family Explains Why.

Porsche unexpected ingram collection video

It used to be a truism that only enthusiasts drove their cars and "collectors" simply collected; collector's cars tend to sit around as "garage queens". Lately, the family behind the Ingram Collection (one of the nicest Porsche collections in private hands that we know of) has been turning that old idea on its head. When I first met the Ingrams …

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Video: New High-Tech Brake Pads From Apple?

iPhone Brake Pad Test

As it turns out, Apple has been making brake pads for years and calling them phones. This YouTube user "EverythingApplePro" has put together a new video showing off the iPhone's prowess as brake friction material, subjecting them to a series of tests on his 996 generation 911. So how do they work? Should you be replacing your PCCBs with Apple's …

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Did Crashing Into A Porsche Save This Cyclist’s Life?

cyclist porsche crash

Last week, during the Tour of Utah, MTN-Qhubeka cyclist Matt Brammeier suffered a massive high-speed crash. The 30-year old cyclist was working hard to catch the leaders as he came down the hill on Guardsman Pass during Stage 6 of the race. It's unclear if Brammeier lost control of his bike or if his brakes failed. Either way, he came into the …

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What Would You Do If You Caught Someone Doing This To Your Porsche?

Daniel Landa Porsche vandalism

I think, even more so than an accident, the thought of random vandalism enacted on my property would bother me more than anything else. It's just so senseless. At least, with most accidents, it's just that. Assuming you, or the other car involved, weren't street racing or otherwise acting like an idiot, it's just an accident. The very nature of …

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Hagerty Burns Rag & Bone Clothing In Protest

hagerty burn effigy-small

Did you see the post last week about the clothing company that crushed a '79 911 SC in the name of fashion? If not, go check it out and then come back to this one. Okay, now that you've watched Rag & Bone destroy a 911 in the name of art, watch this video below.The video above was made by Hagerty Insurance. It is just one of the many …

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Rag & Bone Destroys Aircooled 911 For Fashion Week, Calls It “Art”

Rag and Bone Destroys Porsche

We live in an era of manufactured outrage. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't hear about someone being raked over the coals for an insensitive tweet, or a business being boycotted because of the owner's political leanings. Some might be justified, and some is just anger for the sake of anger. What happens below, in my humble opinion, …

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