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Video: New High-Tech Brake Pads From Apple?

iPhone Brake Pad Test

As it turns out, Apple has been making brake pads for years and calling them phones. This YouTube user "EverythingApplePro" has put together a new video showing off the iPhone's prowess as brake friction material, subjecting them to a series of tests on his 996 generation 911. So how do they work? Should you be replacing your PCCBs with Apple's …

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Hagerty Burns Rag & Bone Clothing In Protest

hagerty burn effigy-small

Did you see the post last week about the clothing company that crushed a '79 911 SC in the name of fashion? If not, go check it out and then come back to this one. Okay, now that you've watched Rag & Bone destroy a 911 in the name of art, watch this video below.The video above was made by Hagerty Insurance. It is just one of the many …

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This Premise Of This Video Might Be Stupid, But It Sounds Great!

doing donuts eating donuts porsche video

Normally, we don't share stuff like this. It's too inane, even for us. However, what struck me about this video was how amazing that 911 sounds as the driver modulates the throttle. I wonder if the kid stuffing his face with the donut throws up once the camera is off? I think I would have...Surprisingly, the tires they used don't look …

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Man Caught Having Sex With A Porsche

video showing man having sex with Porsche

We all claim to love our Porsches. Some might go so far to say they would marry their Porsches. Maybe some of us caress and lather our cars with affection…to ready them for concours competition. It’s not hard to get carried away when watching all the car porn available today. But one wayward Porsche lover has taken it to an extreme…making…er… …

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Porsche Jumping Back Into The Tractor Market, Introduces New “Rasentraktoren” Model

Porsche lawnmower

After decades of concentrating solely on making fast and fun automobiles, Porsche has announced that they are returning to a market they once had a strong presence in, tractors. Having produced a small handful of tractor models, including their most famous model the "Diesel Junior", Porsche feels the time is right to give that market a taste of …

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Judge Orders Billionaire’s Porsche Seized And Then Drives It Himself

Photo by Cezar Loureiro/Agência O Globo

Former billionaire Eike Batista was once Brazil's richest man. I say "once" because he is said to have lost nearly everything in 2013 after his EBX conglomerate fell apart and his oil firm OGX filed for Latin America's largest bankruptcy. Adding insult to injury, his Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, just one of a number of luxury vehicles he owned, was …

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Company Offers Porsche Or Porn Star As Bonus, Which Would You Choose?

That's Julia supposedly "nestled" in between a trip to Bali and a Porsche 911

February 19th, Chinese New Year, is fast approaching. With it, for those working in Chinese tech firms, comes the anticipation of big year-end bonuses. Will it be cash? How about an all expense paid trip to an exotic local? A Porsche, maybe? What about a night with famous Japanese porn star Julia? According to the stories we've seen floating …

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Porsche Cartoon Images

Porsche Cartoon. Man standing next to Porsche taking a selfie. Two other men talking saying, he's been working on your car for 4 hours. However, 3 of those hours were spent taking selfies

Based on all the mechanics we're seeing with instagram accounts, this seems to be more true than not...Other Porsche Blog Posts You Will Enjoy Porsche Cartoon Images: Volume 1 Porsche Cartoon Images: Volume 2 Porsche Cartoon Images: Volume 3 Porsche Cartoon Images: Volume 4 Porsche Cartoon Images: Volume 5 Porsche Cartoon Images: …

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Attempt To Impress Girlfriend With New Porsche Ends Badly For This Guy

Fortunately for us, this CHP officer was a Porsche fan and, unlike the guy in this story, neither of us went to jail.

We're all pretty excited when we take delivery of a new Porsche. For some it's a life long dream come true, for others it's the simple excitement of having control over that much horsepower, and for others it's a way to impress their girlfriend. At least that appears to be the case in a story we just read.According to The Daily Courier, out …

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This Is What Happens When Your Porsche Hits A Possum At Daytona

avengeballast possum daytona

Fair warning, this post contains some graphic pictures that might not sit well with some. Continue at your own risk...Over the course of a 24-hour race almost anything can (and does) happen. Case in point, the picture below.This broke through the splitter & tub and then into the front of the car.. By the way we are out of the …

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