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Porsche Scion Opens World’s Largest Transportation Toyland

Hans-Peter Porsche TraumWerk

The new Hanz-Peter Porsche TraumWerk museum in the Berchtesgaden area of Bavaria truly is, as its name implies, a "dream" world for those who still see the world with a child's eye. Stuffed full of Porsche's personal collection of toys including cars, ships, planes and any other mode of transportation you can think of, the museum is a nod to …

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Watch Porsche Restore The Earliest 911 In Their Collection

video showcasing the restoration of Porsche 901 chassis 57

When Porsche fist released the video in this post we got caught up in what appears to be a glimpse of the much anticipated Cayman GT4. So much so, that we never really shared the story behind the original intent of the video Let's fix that for you now.You would think if anyone is going to have at least one example of every production model …

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The Porsche Museum Is Now Renting Porsches

Porsche drive musuem rent a car

Renting Porsches isn't a new idea. In fact, for some time now, those interested are able to rent Porsches in the U.S. from select Hertz Locations or in Europe from Avis. Hell, you can even rent a Porsche GT3 on the Nürburgring if you like. Now, visitors to the Porsche Museum can rent cars from the current model line-up for as little as an hour …

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Introducing Porsche Project: Secret!

Porsche project top secret museum

Since 2012 we've slowly been introducing you to Porsche's Museum Secrets as we get information on them. More and more information has surfaced about the special Porsche prototypes stored in Porsche's warehouse culminating in this most recent tour of the warehouse itself. At the time, we said Porsche should just open up their "secret warehouse" to …

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Porsche’s Secret Warehouse Not So Secret Anymore. Please Just Open It Up To The Public!

Porsche 965 prototype

Porsche has more than 500 cars in their collection of which about 80 are present in the museum at any given time. The rest remain stored in a hidden, "secret" warehouse a few blocks away. The problem is it doesn't seem to be much of a "secret" anymore. Back in 2012 Porsche released a video entitled "Porsche Museum Secrets". It gave us our first …

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Porsche 911 Secrets: SC East African Safari Rally car

porsche 911 rally video

We can thank Vic Elford for getting Porsche involved in Rally races in the 60's. Since then, many of Porsche's more than 20,000 motorsport victories come from Rally Races. The 911 SC "Safari" featured in this video is one of the first 911 to get an off-road treatment.Other Porsche Blog Posts You Should Read This Is The Very First 911 …

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The Porsche Museum Rolls On

porsche millie miglia

Not everyone gets a chance to visit the Porsche Museum and even those that do don't get to see these historic beauties in their natural environment: on the road and track. That's where the Porsche "Rolling Museum" comes into play. Practically all of the Porsche museum's exhibits are roadworthy and able to fulfill the original purpose for which …

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Check Out These Historic Race Cars On Display During The “24 Hours For Eternity” Exhibit At The Porsche Museum


Porsche's preparations for their return to Le Mans are not only on the track and in the paddock. The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen just opened a comprehensive special exhibition, running to July 13, 2014, that takes a look back at Porsche's history at Le Mans. For the first time, the Porsche 919 Hybrid will be presented to the public at …

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This Is The World’s First Porsche Designed Vehicle


The first Porsche branded design was the Type 356 in the year 1948, but the very first vehicle designed by Ferdinand Porsche dates back to 1898 with the “Egger-Lohner electric vehicle, C.2 Phaeton model”, known as the “P1” for short. After 115 years, the original and unrestored “P1” has been recovered from a warehouse and untouched since 1902. It …

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Porsche Sound Nacht 2013 – Listen To The Roar!

Porsche Sound Nacht 2013 Moby Dick

Every year, the Porsche museum has an event unlike any other.  Sound Nacht. On this special night they actually start the museum cars, let them run, and rev them for those in attendance to hear.  Porsche knows that their cars, more than most, incorporate an aural quality to the experience, and they are more than happy to show that …

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