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This Is How The Frozen Tracks At Porsche’s Camp4 Canada Are Created


One of the coolest parts of going to Porsche's Camp4 Canada was learning all about how the circuits used for the driving experience are crafted. It's a delicate art, trying to balance how much snow and ice are underneath the cars. The people who run and maintain the tracks, Mécaglisse, are artists, and they take great pride in their art. Here are a …

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A Letter Home From Porsche’s Camp4 Canada


Mother and Father,Camp is going really well. All of the other campers are really cool, and the counselors are very nice. I'm learning a lot at camp, including throttle control, ice driving maneuvers, and methods of using your brakes to initiate oversteer. Porsche's Camp4 at Mécaglisse is a whole lot of fun, and as much as I miss home, I sort …

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It’s No Coincidence That The 911 Turbo And the Porsche Sport Driving School Are Celebrating Their 40th Anniversary At The Same Time

psds 1976

A simple driving workshop 40 years ago laid the foundation for today’s Porsche Sport Driving School. It was prompted by the premiere of the high-powered 911 Turbo at the Paris Motor Show in 1974. Even before sales got underway, Porsche engineers and dealers realized that practice was needed to drive the new top model at high speeds safely. The …

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Here’s What 40 Years Of Porsche Sports Driving School Looks Like

40th anniversary of porsche sports driving school video

1974 was a very special year. The launch of the first 911 Turbo and another successful idea: the Porsche Sport Driving School. Take a look back at 40 years of improving driving performance and safety, lap by lap.Other Porsche Blog Posts You Will Enjoy 5 Things I Learned at the Porsche Sport Driving School The Porsche Human Performance …

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The Porsche Human Performance Center Is The Ultimate Driver’s Gym

Mark Webber at the Porsche Race Fit 2014 event

The Porsche Human Performance (PHP) center is designed with the race car driver in mind. The facility includes a sports science laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including a special developed heat chamber for specialist acclimation training prior to racing in hot climates. PHP offers a full range of physiological testing to …

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Why Would You Drift A Porsche Panamera S E-hybrid On Ice?

Panamera S E-Hybrid drifting on ice

That's the question we asked ourselves when we saw the video below. Then it hit us. You do it because you can! Let's face it, if you have the opportunity to take a Panamera (or any Porsche for that matter) out on the ice-covered track of Camp4 Canada you would do the same thing. The biggest difference is you're not Porsche factory driver Romain …

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‘Cool Hunting’ Shows What It’s Like To Ice Drive At Camp4 Canada

coolhunting camp4 canada video

The access we're afforded from publishing has allowed us to check off a lot of items on our Porsche bucket list. We've met and socialized with lots of famous Porsche owners and drivers. We've attended Daytona and Sebring (and we're headed to Le Mans this spring), driven Porsche's in Dubai, along the Pacific Coast Highway and on the …

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Can Your Porsche Climb A Ski Slope?

Copy of PWDE2014 241

Picture this, you live in New England, or another part of the country that regularly faces snow, sleet and freezing rain in the winter and you're thinking about buying a Porsche but you're not too sure about driving it year-round. How's your local Porsche dealer supposed to convince you it can handle the weather? Enter Joyce Jordan, Porsche's …

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It’s Winter Time And In The World Of Porsche That Means It’s Time For Camp4

2014 Porsche Winter Driving Experience

Winter - for many a time of calm and contemplation. However, at Porsche, it's a time to learn more about what your Porsche is capable in the cold and snow. This year, you can choose from one of the many Winter Driving Experiences in Rovaniemi, Finland or a reduced selection in Mecaglisse, Québec. Whatever you choose, you'll learn to improve your …

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Porsche Driving Experience Canada

porsche sliding on ice driving through snow in canada

Fully operational since 2011, the Porsche Driving Experience offers a full range of driving experiences for Porsche customers, enthusiasts, prospects and dealers. Its signature event is Camp4 Canada, a multi-day winter driving experience held at the end of January and the first half of February just outside Montreal. Camp4 Canada features numerous …

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