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The Brumos Driving Experience. What is It and How Can You Attend?

Brumos Porsche Driving Experience Hurley

First created in 1984, and previously known as "Brumos U", the Brumos Driving Experience is a benefit for each and every Brumos Porsche owner. Held at the driver training and vehicle dynamics test track located at the Gainesville Raceway, the Brumos Driving Experience is a complimentary benefit for anyone that purchases their Porsche (new or used) …

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The Stolen “Million-Mile” Porsche Has Been Found! Here’s How it Happened.

stolen million mile porsche

Back in June, Petrolicous (one of our favorite sites) featured Guy Newmark's Porsche 356; a 1964 356C driven daily with nearly 1,000,000 miles. Yes, that's right, six zeros. Well, according to a post on Rennlist someone stole the Porsche from his garage this past Friday night in San Pedro, CA.How You Can Help It's not like this is a …

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The Building of a Porsche Engine Coffee Table Part I

Engine Coffee Table Top Gear

Lately, I’ve been itching for a new project and something finally caught my eye. I enjoy watching episodes of BBC’s Top Gear, and the program has inspired me to search for a true piece of automotive enthusiast furniture: an engine coffee table. Look at this table:Any gear-head who tells you that isn’t cool is a liar. I’m not saying it’ll …

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Save Money on Stuff for Your Porsche and Earn Free Gas!

Screen shot 2012-06-05 at 7.00.03 PM

I’m super excited to tell you about our new partnership with Car Guy Nation (a buying club for Porsche and automotive enthusiasts). To celebrate this new relationship you’ll get a Premium Membership account, PLUS a gift of $25 in FREE GAS deposited into your account, just by signing up (there's no catch, signing up is free and you don't have to …

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Go Behind the Scenes of a Porsche Photo Shoot with FlatSixes

Back in February, when we published the first part of this story (Behind the Scenes of a Porsche Photo Shoot Part 1), Brett Sloan was traveling extensively through Europe and the Middle East with renowned motorsport photographer Frank Kayser on assignment for Porsche. At the time, the nature of their shoot was confidential. Now that it's …

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Porsche Museum Exhibits Hit the Road

356 B 1600 GS Carrera GTL Abarth

Given that most of the exhibits at the Porsche museum are still roadworthy, what better way to show them off then driving them in events they were built for. Well, Porsche plans to do just that with the introduction of the "Museum on Wheels" concept for the first half of 2011.According to today's release, "Porsche Museum’s classic cars will …

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Behind the Scenes of a Porsche Photo Shoot: Part 1


For the past few weeks photographer Brett Sloan has been traveling through-out Europe and the Middle East with photographer Frank Kayser on assignment for Porsche. While the exact details of their photo shoot are still confidential, it's one of the larger productions ever completed by Porsche Motorsports. Over the next few weeks …

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Here’s a Porsche Related Web-Site You Should Be Paying More Attention Too

A Porsche 356 Rusting in the Field

A little over three (3) years ago, when we first started, we were one of just a few online resources dedicated specifically to Porsche (excluding the well known forums of course). Since then we've seen more Porsche sites than we can count pop into existence. Most of these new sites have either disappeared or were left unattended and …

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Top 5 Reasons for a Porsche Fan to use Twitter

By now, if you haven't heard of Twitter, then you probably never will and you should skip this post and go back to making tools out of stone, keeping your fire burning or looking for a bigger cave. For everyone else, read on...First a primer. Twitter is a social networking tool that allows people to share what they are doing right now, with …

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What are Your 5 Favorite Porsche Resources

I'm hoping to start a bit of a discussion with this post. Let's talk about the ways you get information on and about Porsche.I've stated before that I have my own list of Porsche resources (and I definitely need to update it) that I use to collect information, educate myself and come up with ideas for blog posts. I'm interested in what you …

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