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Video: Chris Harris Picks His 2014 Cars Of The Year

Chris Harris Car Of The Year Porsche GT3

2014 has been over for a month, but the year couldn't have truly been considered finished until "Chris Harris On Cars" had his piece to say about the year's best cars. It's somewhat strange that a "Car of the Year" show wouldn't actually pick a winner. In this video, Mr. Harris doesn't pick a victor, instead he really only invited victors. The …

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Joe Rogan Geeks Out With Magnus Walker And Friends

joe rogan alex ross and magnus walker talk Porsche

Many of you know Joe Rogan from his TV work in the sitcom "NewsRadio", his hosting gig on "Fear Factor" or as a color commentator for the UFC. However, he also has a fairly popular podcast called the "Joe Rogan Experience". It's a long form conversational series where Joe talks with his guest about everything and anything, for hours at a time. …

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Video: Magnus Walker Is A London Outlaw


A couple of years ago, when Magnus Walker went to London, his film "Urban Outlaw" made its debut at the Raindance Festival. This time, though, he decided to team up with Brooks Films and Scene Media to produce a short called "London Outlaw". When Magnus goes somewhere, he doesn't forget to bring one of his cars with him, and in this case, he …

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Video: Chris Harris Pits Porsche 991 GT3 Against Ferrari’s 458 Speciale


Chris Harris made a quite public exit from the /Drive YouTube channel team last month, and recently posted his first all-new video on his new channel, simply named Chris Harris On Cars. Disregarding the politics of the decision, and whatever reasons forced the change, this new channel is more of the same, and trust us, that's a good thing. From …

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14 Characteristics That Make Air-Cooled Porsches Special

whats the big deal porsche 911 video

For those that are lucky enough to own and drive them you probably know most of what you'll see about air-cooled Porsches in the video below. However, Norwegian Porsche owner, Raymond Linna, found a way to explain his love for air-cooled Porsches in this funny and kitsch video that makes it worth watching. While a little over the top at times, and …

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New Ad Suggests Mobil1 May Turn Your Porsche Into A Lamborghini

Porsche Mobil1 bull

Admittedly, I'm not the creative type and I'm not a marketer. However, I do know my cars and their corresponding iconography/branding/logos. When I think of Porsche's logo I think of a thrusting/rampant black horse taken from the Stuttgart city seal. When I think of Lamborghini's logo I think of a big snorting bull (reportedly chosen by …

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Porsche 911 Overtakes Other Car On Nürburgring While Spinning Out Of Control

spinning 911 passes megabusa on nurburgring

Have you driven on the track? Have you ever driven the Nürburgring? It's known to be unforgiving, demanding. It's not called the "Green Hell" for nothing. One of its fastest, and most dangerous section is the Schwedenrkeuz (it's an off-camber, blind left turn that comes up on you after a crest). The video you see below takes place there. Shot …

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XCAR Drives Our Teenage Fantasy Car: The Porsche 959


Porsche's 959 was the height of automotive technology in the late 1980s, and was the ultimate in excess. It was quick, it was fast, it was comfortable, it was expensive, it was gorgeous, and it was absolutely perfect. In its era, it was a part of a super-car renaissance. Much like we are experiencing today with Porsche's 918 Spyder, McLaren's P1, …

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Man Gives Up Porsche To Get Married. 20 Years Later, Daughter Buys It Back For Him

daughter suprises step dad with porsche for fathers day

Most Porsche fans know of other owners who sold a Porsche in the past, for one reason or another, and wished they could get it back. It happened to us (but that's a story for a later date). Unfortunately, for lots of different reasons, most of us are never able to get back the one that got away. Fortunately, for Kristin Russell's step father …

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Tuning Is The Dark Art Of Air-Cooled Porsches

benton performance porsche

We don't know much about Benton Performance, but if their most recent video is any indicator of the quality of Porsche restoration and service they perform, then I expect we'll be hearing much more from them in the near future. While we don't normally like to publish what is basically a "promotional video" this one is so well done, and filled with …

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