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Behind The Scenes At Le Mans With Michelin

Michelin tire changing small

Le Mans. Just saying the name brings to mind grainy images of brave racers running to their cars and battling for glory on the world's biggest racing stage. Modern in-car videos of daring passes at dizzying speeds, shots of haggard crews working seamlessly as one to keep their cars fueled and running until the flagger waves the checkers one last …

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Will We See Magnus Walker, Nakai san And Their Porsches In The Next Need For Speed?

need for speed trailer

There are a number of Porsches on my bucket list of must drives. Some of them, because of this blog, I think I might actually have a chance. Other Porsches on the list, probably not. However, if the new Need for Speed Official E3 Trailer is to be believe, at least two "iconic" Porsche builders (and presumably their Porsches) will be included in …

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Half Of This 911 RSR Is Made From 380,000 LEGO Bricks

1/2 of this Porsche 911 RSR is made from LEGO

One of the best parts of attending Le Mans is everything you see in and around the race. If you think the infield at Sebring is interesting, you haven't seen anything until you visit Le Mans. This year, perhaps one of the more interesting sights to behold was this Frankenstein like 911 RSR. Built using 1/2 of a real 911 on one-side and 380,000 …

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Video Gamers Rejoice. Porsche Is Returning To Forza 2!

Porsche 918 Spyder Forza 2

Anyone familiar with racing games knows that Need for Speed developer EA has a stranglehold on the rights to Porsches in video games. Who EA has a picture of and in what compromising position is unknown. However, other than a one time dalliance with Microsoft in 2012, Porsche fans could only find Stuttgart's finest in Need for Speed or Real …

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Porsche 911 Red Book 3rd Edition

porsche 911 redbook cover

Porsche 911 Red Book was first published in August of 2000 and covered all 911 models from 1965 through 1999. The 2nd Edition, published late in 2004 added on another 6-years of production and carried us through the 2005 model year. That book is now out of print with used copies trading hands for more than $200 dollars each. Today, we received a …

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