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Driving The BF Goodrich g-force Comp 2 A/S

BFG g-force Comp 2 A/S

A few weeks ago, I was invited to represent at the launch of a brand new 'performance all season' tire from BF Goodrich in Phoenix, AZ. In the interest of full disclosure, BFG payed for me to fly to Phoenix, put me up in a very nice room at a very nice hotel, and gave me as much food and drink as I could ever want (BFG is owned by …

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Now You Can Buy Your Next Porsche At Walmart!

Hot Wheels Porsche Series 2015

As near as we can tell, the first Porsche Hot Wheels car was produced in 1975. Known as the P-911, this miniature Porsche was part of the Flying Colors lineup from Hot Wheels and stuck around in one way, shape or form until 2001. Since then, and in the years between 1975 and 2011, Hot Wheels parent company, Mattel, produced a number of Porsche …

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One Porsche Enthusiast Built His Own 917… Out Of Paper?

Paper Porsch 917 engine

If you're reading this site and this story there's a good chance you're familiar with some of Porsche's racing history and the all conquering 917s of the. If you're familiar with them, chances are quite high that, like us, you want one, or at least want a chance to hang around one for a few hours. If you're slightly insane, like the guy in this …

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