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This New Porsche Design Fountain Pen Is Worth It’s Weight In Gold, Literally.

Porsche Design P'3135 gold fountain pen

If you had $27,000 burning a hole in your pocket, what would you buy? A bargain 996 hoping to catch the bottom of the deprecation curve? Maybe search for a late '70s or early '80's 911 SC? For that money you could get an incredibly low mileage, all original 914 [Really, the market is that crazy right now]. Would you ever consider a gold …

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This Video May Be All The Incentive You’ll Need To Buy The New Porsche Speed Champions Set From LEGO

LEGO Porsche Speed Champions Set Video

I'm a huge LEGO fan and have been since I was a kid. When we first heard that LEGO was adding Porsche to their new Speed Champions line I was super excited. Then I realized I would need to wait more than 1/2 a year until I could get my grubby little hands on a set. My how time flies! The Launch of the LEGO Speed Champions line is just a few …

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You’ll Want This Porsche Playmobil Toy Even If You Don’t Have Kids

porsche playmobil carrera

It wasn't too long ago that we told you about the two new Porsche play sets coming available from Lego this Spring. Now, another of our favorite toy manufacturers, Playmobil, is joining forces with Porsche and releasing their own set as part of their "City Life" collection. Launched earlier this month in Germany, the Playmobil 911 Carrera …

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Porsche Classic Offers Navigation Retrofit For Air-Cooled 911s And Other Models

interior of a classic 911 with navigation radio from Porsche Classic

Until now, if you wanted the convenience of a head-unit that offered navigation, Bluetooth and iPod/iPhone connectivity in your classic Porsche your choices were quite limited. Sure, you could cobble together a system using your phone, mounts, stand-alone GPS devices and alternative head-units, but in doing so you lose that all important factory …

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Porsche Cartoon Images

Porsche Comic Strip from FLATSIXES by Jerry King

Other Porsche Blog Posts You Will Enjoy Porsche Cartoon Images: Volume 1 Porsche Cartoon Images: Volume 2 Porsche Cartoon Images: Volume 3 Porsche Cartoon Images: Volume 4 Porsche Cartoon Images: Volume 5 Porsche Cartoon Images: Volume 6 Porsche Cartoon Images: Volume 7 Porsche Cartoon Images: Volume 8 Porsche Cartoon Images: Volume 9 …

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Check Out This 1:43 Scale Set Of Early 911s

minichamps porsche netherlands diecast 1:43 911 set

Minichapmps and the Porsche Classic Center Gelderland Netherlands have paired up to create this limited, four car set of classic 911s in 1:43 scale. Each set includes a 911 S, 911 L, 911 E and 911 T - finished in original colors Bahama Gelb, Ossi-Blau, Busch-Grün and Bluto-Orange - from 1967/68. According to Minichamps this is the …

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