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One Porsche Enthusiast Built His Own 917… Out Of Paper?

Paper Porsch 917 engine

If you're reading this site and this story there's a good chance you're familiar with some of Porsche's racing history and the all conquering 917s of the. If you're familiar with them, chances are quite high that, like us, you want one, or at least want a chance to hang around one for a few hours. If you're slightly insane, like the guy in this …

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We Build Our Own 918 Spyder, With Some Help From LEGO!

Lego 918

Porsche's insanely fast 918 Syder has recently proven to be a bit quicker than the competition, and now, we've got our hands on one. Yeah, okay, this one isn't exactly fast, in fact it doesn't even move under its own power. It doesn't sound anything like the car on which it is based, and it's a bit too small for us to get inside and drive. But it …

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This New Porsche Design Fountain Pen Is Worth Its Weight In Gold, Literally.

Porsche Design P'3135 gold fountain pen

If you had $27,000 burning a hole in your pocket, what would you buy? A bargain 996 hoping to catch the bottom of the deprecation curve? Maybe search for a late '70s or early '80's 911 SC? For that money you could get an incredibly low mileage, all original 914 [Really, the market is that crazy right now]. Would you ever consider a gold …

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