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Porsche Classic Offers Navigation Retrofit For Air-Cooled 911s And Other Models

interior of a classic 911 with navigation radio from Porsche Classic

Until now, if you wanted the convenience of a head-unit that offered navigation, Bluetooth and iPod/iPhone connectivity in your classic Porsche your choices were quite limited. Sure, you could cobble together a system using your phone, mounts, stand-alone GPS devices and alternative head-units, but in doing so you lose that all important factory …

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This Porsche Designed Thumb Drive Offers More Storage Than A Cayenne

Lacie Porsche Thumb Drive

It's been almost 5 years since we last reviewed a product from Lacie and Porsche Design. Since then their product offerings have expanded in storage, but not so much in design (it's still the sleekest external drive around). Well this new thumb drive changes everything. Not only is it the smallest USB 3.0 compatible flash drive on the market it's …

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Would You Buy This TV Designed by Porsche Design Group or a 918 Spyder?

It was just last year when we first introduced you to the C'SEED 201 Outdoor LED TV by Porsche Design Studio. Well, earlier this week C'SEED announced that one of these technological giants has been installed at the Palais Schönburg, Vienna, Austria (a Baroque castle used for private events, etc.). Amazingly, it looks almost exactly like the …

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How A Flat Tire and a Love of Porsche Sparked a Revolution in Flashlights

Porsche Designed Emergency Illuminator lying next to a tape measure and Mag Flashlight

It was cold, it was dark and that loud thump THUMP made it fairly obvious that Ronald Durando's Porsche had a flat tire. As an experienced Porsche driver, and a prepared one at that, Ron wasn't worried. Not only did he know how to change a flat tire, he was prepared for almost all contingencies with an emergency repair kit, including a flashlight …

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4 Reasons We Need a Porsche Pinball Machine


For the New Year, like a majority of others, John and I each made some resolutions. One of John's was to try and cut back a bit on purchasing even more Porsche related paraphernalia. At his current rate of consumption it won't be long before we're challenging Hank Hammer for the largest collection of Porsche memorabilia on the planet. Okay, that …

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An Illuminating Backup Plan


As an owner of a less reliable older, higher mileage Porsche, I can list my top five most annoying aspects of roadside emergencies. They are as follows:Discovering the air pump is broken when changing a flat tire Discovering I don’t have the tools on hand to complete a repair Discovering half the electrical system is either shorted out …

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Add this to the list of items to keep in your Porsche

When I first received the FR500 Solarlink from Eton (makers of the Porsche Designed P'9120) my original thought was, what am I going to do with this thing? You see, the FR500 is a self-powered and solar-powered AM/FM/Shortwave Radio with NOAA Weatherband, Flashlight, Siren and Cell Phone Charger. You name it, this little radio does it, but how …

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Ten Gift Ideas for the Porsche Lover on Your Christmas List

My wife just came in and asked if I was interested in going shopping this coming Friday (Black Friday) to try and take advantage of some of the deals that are sure to be offered. My response was an emphatic no! Actually, what I really said was, "I'd rather cut off my legs with a butter knife." I think she got the hint. :-)There are many …

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Porsche Design P’9120 by Etón Reviewed

There really is no point in a clock that runs fast, but how about one that looks fast? Take the Porsche Design P’9120 by Etón for example (just not my unit.) The well thought out, minimalistic design by Porsche, partners perfectly with the quality, craftsmanship and technology that are hallmarks of Etón's success.Porsche Design Press …

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Can Driving Games help you Improve Your Track Skills?


The answer just may depend on how your system is set-up. Most people I know complain that they lose all “seat of the pants” feedback when it comes to car racing simulators and video games. With the introduction of Fanatec’s Porsche 911 Turbo Wheel, that objection may just go away.Fanatec's Porsche 911 Turbo Wheel is an officially Porsche …

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