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This Video May Be All The Incentive You’ll Need To Buy The New Porsche Speed Champions Set From LEGO

LEGO Porsche Speed Champions Set Video

I'm a huge LEGO fan and have been since I was a kid. When we first heard that LEGO was adding Porsche to their new Speed Champions line I was super excited. Then I realized I would need to wait more than 1/2 a year until I could get my grubby little hands on a set. My how time flies! The Launch of the LEGO Speed Champions line is just a few …

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The Evolution Of The Porsche Front End

Porsche front end print

It's actually pretty amazing how many crowdfunding projects there are related to Porsche. A week doesn't go by where we don't get pitched by someone. This week was no different. I opened my email yesterday and found the following: Hello Paula, I just launched an Automobile Icons screenprint project that I thought your FlatSixes readers …

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Painting “Porsche Unexpected”

porsche unexpected painted by nicolas hunziker

The cover of Porsche Unexpected fuses an early 356 model with a modern day 911. Doing so digitally, is actually quite easy. Doing it with paint on canvas, that's a different story all together. In the video below, Nicolas Hunziker shows us his talent as he quickly and flawlessly reproduces "Porsche Unexpected's" unique cover format in this …

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Newest Porsches To Defy Gravity

porsche sculpture germany

Porsche is planning a work of art as a new landmark for visitors, employees and fellow citizens at its headquarters in Stuttgart. Their intent is to erect he sculpture on the rotary/roundabout in the center of the intersection on Porscheplatz. Porsche says, that ultimately, their aim is "to achieve a visual link with the Porsche Museum by creating …

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Spectacular One-Off LEGO Porsche Martini Racing Set

martini liveried Porsche racing set made of lego

LEGO are one of the truly great children's toys that promotes creativity, interest in engineering, and helps develop motor functions.  Of those who craft with LEGO, some never really grow up, they simply begin developing more elaborate "builds".  Having seen a scale replica of the buildings along Michigan Avenue at the Chicago LEGO store, I know …

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A RAUH-Welt Begriff Porsche Made from Legos

lego rwb porsche 964

Malte Dorowski has given us a Lego Porsche 911 GT3 RSR in Flying Lizard colors, Lego Porsches in other famous liveries and proved he was the "King" of Lego Porsche creations with his Lego Porsche 908/02, 904 and 911 3.2 Cabriolet. However, this is his first attempt at a Porsche from world famous tuner RWB. Malte was kind enough to send us …

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Get 15% Off This Wearable Porsche Artwork by Nicolas Hunziker

Le Mans shoes by Nicolas

Nicolas Hunziker produces automotive fine art. We were recently introduced to his work when someone from his shop contacted us on Facebook. After looking through his web-site we decided we should definitely share it (we aren't affiliated with them and they're not a sponsor of our site). When we told Nicolas of our plans, he was kind enough to …

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Would You Be Able to Tell That This Porsche Garage is Actually a Diorama?


The first time we saw Wilco Machiels' Porsche Dioramas we were so blown away with the detail and quality that we ended up buying one for ourselves (he did give us a break in price because of all the traffic we sent him, but it was still expensive). Since then, we follow his work and visit his web-site frequently to see if there's anything new. …

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Is Malte Dorowski the King of all Lego Porsche Creators?

lego porsche 908-02 steve mcqueen

As long time readers of PorschePurist you're familiar with Malte's Lego Porsche racing liveries and you've seen his incredibly detailed Lego Porsche 911 GT3 RSR dressed in Flying Lizard Motorsport colors. Well in just the past few months he's put out three new creations that, in my mind, cement his status as the King of all Porsche Lego creators. …

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What is Permanent Negative Stability (PNS) and What Does it Have to Do with Porsche?

Jonus Junglut Porsche Negative Stability Boxster

Let's see, we have PASM, PCM, PDK, PDDC, PTS, PTV, etc. etc. So, "Permanent Negative Stability" (or PNS for short) must be the newest Porsche acronym from our friends in Stuttgart, right? It's not. Apparently, it's art. If you can't see the videos in this post in your email, view them directly on our site at Permanent Negative Stability …

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