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Porsche 911 Red Book 3rd Edition

porsche 911 redbook cover

Porsche 911 Red Book was first published in August of 2000 and covered all 911 models from 1965 through 1999. The 2nd Edition, published late in 2004 added on another 6-years of production and carried us through the 2005 model year. That book is now out of print with used copies trading hands for more than $200 dollars each. Today, we received a …

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Porsche Spyder 918 Book Trilogy To Go On Sale Next Week

Porsche 918 Spyder book

Specialist interest publishing company, Delius Klasing (DK) of Germany, is set to release a trilogy of books about Porsche's 918 Spyder that they say will, "deliver a whole new reading experience". That's a pretty big boast to live up to, but if anyone can do it, this publishing house can. Know for such other works as 911 Love and Porsche 901, DK …

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Driving The Cars Of ‘Porsche Unexpected’ With Magnus Walker And Patrick Long


The folks at e-garage always seems to be able to produce some excellent video, and this one, shot earlier this year in Monterey, California with Pat Long and Magnus Walker, is no exception. The Ingram collection brought out some of their most famous 911s, including a 911R, and Magnus' ST/R that they bought at Monterey in 2013. The video, however, …

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Before You Buy Your Next Porsche Based Book, Stop! Get These 2 For Free

The Driver Series Book Covers by Robert L. Turner

It's Cyber Monday and chances are you're getting inundated with discount offers and ways to save money. This is different! We don't want to sell you anything. Instead, we want to say thanks for subscribing to and offer you two exciting books completely free: The Driver Book I - Decision and The Driver Book II - …

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911 Love: Book Review

Porsche 911 love book review

I LOVE 911 Love. It is, perhaps, the epitome of a Porsche coffee table book. Let's start with the size. It's a full square foot in size (that's 12" x 12" for those of you who are mathematically challenged) and nearly 2 inches thick. It weighs close to seven (7) lbs. 911 Love is simply MASSIVE.What 911 Love Is All About "This book is …

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Win A Copy Of Bentley Publisher’s 993 Service Manual

Porsche 911 (Type 993) Carrera Service Manual: 1995-1998

UPDATE:If you would like to win a copy of Bentley Publisher's newest service manual for the Porsche 933, here's what you need to do. Simply click here and read the description of Bentley's book in order to answer the following two questions:What models years does this manual cover? How many pages in this manual?Then email us your …

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‘Memoirs of a Hack Mechanic’ Book Review

a picture of the cover to Rob Siegel's Memoirs of a Hack Mechanic

Rob Siegel, author of "Memoirs of a Hack Mechanic", might be best known for his love and affinity of BMW (he's written a monthly column called "The Hack Mechanic" for the BMW Car Club of America's magazine for the last 25 years) but that doesn't mean he's not a Porsche fan or owner. In fact, he drops a metaphoric Porsche "bomb" right up front and …

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How You Can Help to Kickstart This Porsche Project


Rich Truesdell is a Southern California-based automotive photojournalist whose work has appeared in Motor Trend Classic, Octane, Mercedes Enthusiast, and most recently Total 911 where the current issue (#100) carries his interview with Porsche racing legend Hurley Haywood.Last week Rich launched a new project on the crowd funding website …

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The Essential Buyer’s Guide: Porsche 930 Turbo & 911 (930) Turbo

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 5.16.48 PM

I am currently in the market for a vintage Porsche. Ok, I admit it -- I have been in the market for a vintage Porsche for at least 12 years. My longing for an older Porsche is like the last 10 postpartum pounds every mom I know has difficulty losing: it just won't go away. Every time a 356, or a 1970s 911, or just about any pre-1985 Porsche comes …

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Porsche Showroom Posters: The First 25 Years

Porsche Showroom Posters

Porsche Showroom Posters is a collection of 50 original posters issued by Porsche from 1950-1973 as a means of promoting their brand in showroom settings. Although some of these, in original format, were distributed to individuals, most were showroom-only use. E.A. Singer, in collaboration with Frank Barrett, produced this book that highlights …

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