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This New Porsche Design Fountain Pen Is Worth Its Weight In Gold, Literally.

Porsche Design P'3135 gold fountain pen

If you had $27,000 burning a hole in your pocket, what would you buy? A bargain 996 hoping to catch the bottom of the deprecation curve? Maybe search for a late '70s or early '80's 911 SC? For that money you could get an incredibly low mileage, all original 914 [Really, the market is that crazy right now]. Would you ever consider a gold …

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This Racy New Porsche Really Cooks

kitchen table integrated into the Poggenpohl P'7350 Porsche Design Kitchen

In 2005 Porsche Design Studio and Poggenpohl joined forces for the first time to develop the P'7340, a modern kitchen constructed on an all aluminum frame. Back then, it took nearly three years for the P'7340 to come to market here in the U.S. Enter the P'7350, the next evolution in the partnership between Porsche and Poggenpohl. Announced last …

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Porsche Engineers New Russian Super-Limo For Putin And His Friends


Without getting into the politics of whether or not this is a good idea, Yahoo Autos is reporting that Porsche has apparently been retained for their engineering expertise to assist the Russian government, under the direction of Vladimir Putin, to help the four major Russian auto makers (Sollers, GAZ, KAMAZ, and ZIL) in an effort to develop a new …

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Check Out This Bookshelf Made from the Wing of a GT3

Porsche GT3 Wing Shelving Unit

The Porsche 918 wasn't the only thing to debut in Frankfurt last week. Alongside the Porsche's newest hybrid super car, Porsche Driver's Selection the automaker’s line of lifestyle apparel and accessories, introduced unique home and office items. Included in the collection are items crafted exclusively from original Porsche parts, including an …

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9 Ball Porsche Style. The Porsche Design Billiard Table

Porsche design billiard table

The breadth and depth of products flowing out of the Porsche Design Studio (PDS) never cease to amaze me. Be it a futuristic fireplace, a modern kitchen or the fastest ski lift around, PDS seems to have their hands in everything.Today's project is the "24/7 Billiard table". Its sleek, futurist minimalist design sits in stark contrast to …

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Porsche Design C’SEED 201 Television Installed in Ibiza, Spain

cseed 1

In the iconic words of Jurassic Park’s John Hammond, “We’ve spared no expense.”  Never have these words been more appropriate than in regard to the installation of this C’SEED 201 Television by Porsche Design.  The installation, claimed to be the first retail sale [we haven't been able to confirm this independently], was performed by Florida based …

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The Safretti Vertigo Fireplace by Porsche Design Studio

Porsche Design Vertigo Fireplace

Finally, here's a Porsche you truly can park in your living room. Manufactured by Safretti from plans created at the Porsche Design Studio, the Vertigo Fireplace is a piece of functional, working Porsche art.Designed for indoor or outdoor use, this Porsche Design Fireplace by Safretti requires no flu and creates a warm and inviting flame …

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Take a Ride in This Six Passenger Porsche to the Top of a Snow Covered Mountain

Porsche Design Ski Lift at Laax

We've spent the last few days in the frigid cold at Sugarbush Resort in Vermont participating in the Winter Driving Experience (more on this in a later post). While there, we couldn't help but notice the ordinary chairlifts taking the few skiers dedicated enough (or dumb enough) to brave the -35 degree Fahrenheit windchill up the icy mountain. So …

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Watch as Porsche Design Group and Johnnie Walker Blue Engineer a New Drinking Experience

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bar from Porsche Design

It wasn't too long ago that we introduced you to the Johnnie Walker® Blue Label™ Collection by Porsche Design Studio. In essence, it's a private label, made to order bar designed by the Porsche Design Group and, with a rumored $150,000 price tag, meant to be the ultimate way to experience Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky.Earlier today we …

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This is the Porsche of RVs

Porsche Designed RV from Newell Coach

Porsche Design lends a hand creating all sorts of products from kitchens to military vehicles to boats, just to name a few. With that in mind, I'm not sure why I was so surprised when I found an RV with styling from Porsche Design After all, I do own a Cayenne. :-)Seriously, Newell Coach Corp., a manufacturer of custom luxury motorhomes, …

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