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Behind The Scenes At Le Mans With Michelin

Michelin tire changing small

Le Mans. Just saying the name brings to mind grainy images of brave racers running to their cars and battling for glory on the world's biggest racing stage. Modern in-car videos of daring passes at dizzying speeds, shots of haggard crews working seamlessly as one to keep their cars fueled and running until the flagger waves the checkers one last …

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Driving The BF Goodrich g-force Comp 2 A/S

BFG g-force Comp 2 A/S

A few weeks ago, I was invited to represent at the launch of a brand new 'performance all season' tire from BF Goodrich in Phoenix, AZ. In the interest of full disclosure, BFG payed for me to fly to Phoenix, put me up in a very nice room at a very nice hotel, and gave me as much food and drink as I could ever want (BFG is owned by …

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Video: Chris Harris Tests Pirelli’s Trofeo R With A 991 GT3

Testing Pirelli Trofeo R with Porsche 991 GT3

When it comes to tires, there are so many facets to consider that it's rarely fair to pit one tire against another. In this video, Mr. Harris conducts a back to back track test among two cars between their stock delivery tire (of course, he calls them tyres), and Pirelli's admittedly pretty awesome quasi-race tire, the Trofeo R. In both the Renault …

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These Are Magnus Walker’s First Branded Products And His Newest Video Promoting Them


Admittedly, I'm a bit cynical. That's why, when I first met Magnus Walker, I was convinced it was an act, that his persona must be contrived for a reason. However, over a very short period of time, maybe 30 minutes of talking, I realized just how wrong I was. Magnus had no master plan. There was no grand scheme or design behind his genuine affable …

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We Travel to New Orleans to Test the Michelin PS A/S 3


If you purchased a car in recent years, chances are that it came outfitted with all-season tires. This generally works, albeit not terribly well unless you live in a place like Florida or California, where seasons don’t often include temperatures below 45 degrees and any sort of precipitation. All-season tires have long been considered “no season” …

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Michelin Tire School. What Is It and Why Did We Go?

Vu Nguyen and Christian Maloof was recently invited to Michelin Tire’s inaugural “Influencer “ Tire School where I spent two days observing how Michelin tires are made, learning about their technology and testing their newest ultra-high performance tire, the Pilot Super Sport (Michelin is a sponsor of PorschePurist and they covered our cost of travel, lodging and …

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Money Saving Promotions on Tires for your Porsche

As an affiliate partner of Tire Rack we routinely get a number of promotional emails touting all sorts of specials. Almost all of these we don't pass along as they don't really pertain to Porsche owners. However, just the other day we received one such email that had a number of offers, including a $70 Rebate from Michelin.Here's a complete …

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We travel to Dubai to test the new Michelin Pilot Super Sport

line up of exotics at the autodrom in Dubai for Michelin

About a month ago Michelin called and offered a trip to Dubai to test their new Ultra Performance tire; the Michelin Pilot Super Sport. Knowing of Michelin’s long standing partnership with Porsche, and that this tire is likely be a future original equipment fitment on some of its top end models, we eagerly accepted. Prior to the event …

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A Passport to Porsches and Michelin Tires in Dubai

michelin tire on a porsche wheel

A few weeks ago, Porsche Purist received a cryptic invitation from our friends at Michelin. It came via telephone and asked questions like, "do you have a valid passport?". Well, turns out our fearless Motorsport Editor, Christian Maloof, has a passport, and (much like James Bond, but behind the wheel of a German car) was ready to hop on a plane on …

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Winter Tires for Your Classic Porsche

Porsche winter tires

Back in November of last year, Porsche announced they had extended their approval process for winter tires to include tires for both "young and old classics". As per the press release, "Offering customers this unusual service, the German manufacturer of sports cars enables drivers of older models to use the best available products on their car. …

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