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Long Layover? Drive A Porsche!

porsche first class lufthansa

Back in 2013 Lufthansa and Porsche joined forces to chauffeur passengers between terminals and flights at the Frankfurt airport (similar to the arrangement Porsche has with Delta in certain US airports). Following that, they started offering a "Porsche First Class Excitement" option that allowed those passengers flying Lufthansa in first class, …

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20 Fascinating Facts & Figures About Porsche’s 17th Overall Le Mans Victory

porsche number 17 le mans

Unless you've been living under a rock, or intentionally trying to avoid the news, then you know that on Sunday, June 14, 2015, the trio of Earl Bamber, Nico Hülkenberg and Nick Tandy gave Porsche their 17th overall victory at the Le Mans 24-Hours. Following right on their heals, in second place, was their sister car piloted by Timo Bernhard, …

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Video: Walter Röhrl Shunts A 918 Spyder At Sachsenring

Walter Rohrl Crashes 918 Spyder

To err is human. Even when that human is legendary driver Walter Rohrl. He's been driving at the limit of high-performance street and race cars since well before I was even born. He's won more races than should be humanly possible. Even as he gracefully ages, he always seems to be around when a German manufacturer needs to show off the speed of …

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Want To Drive For Porsche? Applications Are Now Being Accepted!

porsche juniors Connor de Phillippi-Sven Müller-Matteo Cairoli

Porsche's youth development program started in 1997. Since then, 19 of its graduates have found jobs as professional racers. Of those, you'll probably recognize names like Timo Bernhard, Marc Lieb, Patrick Long, Michael Christensen and Earl Bamber; all are current Porsche factory drivers with Bamber clinching victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans at …

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Porsche Acquisition Enhances Lightweight Material Manufacturing Capabilities

Porsche buys kuka

As Porsche continues its quest to improve fuel efficiency and meet upcoming CAFE standards, the need for increased use of lightweight materials in manufacturing becomes more and more important. With that in mind, Porsche announced they have agreed to buy the machine tool unit of industrial robot maker Kuka to enhance their production techniques …

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