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One Porsche Enthusiast Built His Own 917… Out Of Paper?

Paper Porsch 917 engine

If you're reading this site and this story there's a good chance you're familiar with some of Porsche's racing history and the all conquering 917s of the. If you're familiar with them, chances are quite high that, like us, you want one, or at least want a chance to hang around one for a few hours. If you're slightly insane, like the guy in this …

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COYS To Sell 15 Beautiful Porsches At Techno Classica, Essen Auction

Porsche 959 Komfort For Sale

COYS is a well respected auction house that operates almost entirely in the United Kingdom, with a few choice auctions in mainland Europe. This auction, to take place in Essen, Germany during the annual Techno Classica show, is host to a number of gorgeous old Porsches, including a 959 Komfort, an early 911 S/T, and even a couple of RS models. …

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Earliest “Production” 911 In Existence Found Hidden In Plain Sight

Reutter Build Number Plate

This has to be one of the single strangest stories I've ever heard in the Porsche world. Allegedly, this Porsche was purchased by the current owner (his name is Jay) in 1984, and the car was already a bodge-job of some wacky elements. It had wide RSR-esque fenders, some weird tack on rocker panel covers, a ducktail engine lid, and some IROC bumpers …

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Porsche’s Results, Photos And Video From The 6 Hours Of Silverstone WEC Season Opener


This year's 6 Hours of Silverstone was an absolute stunner. Probably one of the best races that I've seen in quite a long time. There were epic on-track battles, dicey strategy decisions, and a whole lot of competitive cars on track. As season openers go, this one was excellent, and paints a picture of a promising WEC season in 2015. Porsche …

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