Emergency Responders Cut Top Off 1967 Porsche 911 To Rescue Driver

Police are blaming speed for an accident that left the 60 year-old driver of a 1967 Porsche 911 in serious but stable condition. According to New Hampshire State Police, George Gates, of Lloyd Harbor, NY was traveling too fast to handle a section of curves near the Pontook Dam on Route 16 in Dummer, NH. From what we've read, George was participating in the annual "North East Mountain Melee" and those that know him aren't convinced that speed was the cause. In fact, a few who've been on this trip before mentioned spotting moose along the drive, including in and along the road where the crash occurred.

Porsche1.Porsche crash dummer nh george gate

The police are saying that Gates entered the "S" curves too fast, lost control of his Porsche, scraped a telephone pole on his way off-road and then hit a tree head-on. The reports we read say he sustained serious head injuries (the Porsche was equipped with a lap-belt only, which he was wearing) and is in serious but stable condition. Unfortunately, his Porsche didn't fair so well. As you can see in the picture above, rescue crews needed to cut Gates out and removed the 911's entire top in the process. Hopefully, he recovers quickly and fully.

Porsche1.porsche crash 1967

Be Careful Out There!

We know a number of you have classic Porsches and have similar lap belt set-ups. As much as we don't like to play with originality, if you're only driving with a lap belt, please consider updating to include a shoulder harness.

Update: 5-20-2013 There's a thread over at PelicanParts discussing the accident. Apparently, George was hurt worse than the article we read mentions. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts.

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[Picture via NH State Police, Story Source via CBS Boston]

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  1. Peter Linsky says

    Hope the driver recovers from this unfortunate accident. Cutting the roof off a wrecked car to facilitate removal of an injured occupant seems to have become SOP for first responders. Watch local TV or print news coverage of serious traffic accidents in your area, and you’ll see that to be the case. It’s quick and dirty, but the injured persons are the priority, not preservation of the vehicle. Another reminder to have true replacement value insurance, and the shoulder-belt upgrade is also a good idea.

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