Watch Jeff Zwart As He Does A Burnout In His Porsche 914-6 For #burnoutnomination

Have you heard of the #burnoutnomination meme? We can't quite pin down when it started, but the idea is that someone does a burnout, makes a video clip of it and nominates others to be the next to do the same. The nominee then has 24-hours to film their own burnout, nominate someone new and post it up to keep things moving along. So far we've seen almost every type of car imaginable join in, but last night things were kicked up a notch when Ryan Davis from Yaer Productions nominated Jeff Zwart. Not one to back down from a challenge, Jeff surprised a lot of folks by not only responding publicly, but doing so with his beautiful 43 year old 914-6. Jeff sent us a copy of his burnout video and we have it for you below. If that wasn't enough, Jeff nominated the Urban Outlaw himself, Magnus Walker, along with's Mark Arcenal.

If you want to see the "behind the scenes" video of Jeff's #burnout nomination, follow him on Instagram and you'll find it, along with tons of other Porsche stuff, in his stream. And, if you're not already doing so, be sure to follow @flatsixes and @magnuswalker on Instagram for lots more Porsche perfection. We'll let you know if Magnus or Mark respond.

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