Here’s Your Chance to Win a Collectible Porsche Room Key

UPDATE: AUGUST 11, 2013 The winners have been chosen and listed in a comment below along with instructions on how you can claim your key.

When we first gave away a collectible Porsche room key from our trip to Amelia Island we were pretty overwhelmed by the response. Then we did it again after our trip to the New York Auto Show with a key featuring the all new 911 GT3. Again the response was fantastic. So, when we opened our mail the other day and found a stack of 15 room keys featuring the all new Porsche Boxster S we knew exactly what to do with them.

Porsche Boxster S Room Key

We're Giving Away Porsche Room Keys Again. Who Wants One?

These keys are from a press event that never took place. As a result, these are very, very rare. Even more so than the Amelia Island Keys and the New York Autoshow keys. If you want to add one to your Porsche memorabilia collection here's what you need to do. Simply comment on this post letting us know you're interested. At the end of this week (I'm writing this on August 4, 2013) we'll randomly select 15 winners and list them in the comments here. Don't forget to give us a good email address so we can reach you to get your shipping address in the event your chosen. Good luck and thanks for reading!

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  1. Glen says

    I am very interested. What a great shot of the back of this newest version Boxster S. Some guys still think this is just a girl car……Take one for a test drive. Best handling car I have ever had the pleasure of driving

  2. Bob Price says

    As an avid British follower of Flatsixes and a proud Porsche owner ( 987 BoxsterS ) and many others over the last 25+ years, it would be great to become a European owner of one of these keys. here’s hoping!
    Regards, Bob.

  3. Carrera Pam says

    My hubby would flip if I won a key. He began collecting Porsche memorabelia a few years ago. This would be a fantastic centerpiece of his humble collection. I would love love love to be a winner so I could surprise him!!! Thanks for the opportunity!.

  4. Ken herring says

    I have been helping my 13 year old grandson collect Porsche items to motivate him to work hard toward a good career so he can afford a Porsche someday. The key would be a great incentive!

  5. says

    Hi, Everyone.

    Here are the winners of the Boxster Key Card. For those of you who didn’t win (or if you’re too late to the party), don’t worry. We have a ton more Porsche stuff to give away in the coming weeks so keep reading the newsletter for updates and info.

    If you did win, please please use the contact form to send us your mailing address and we will try to get these in the mail within a week of receiving your address. When sending us the contact form, it must come from the same email address you used to leave your original comment. This is the only way we can verify you are who you say your are. :-)

    We ended up having a few extra cards so there are 5 additional winners. Here’s the list based on the names you used to enter:

    William Gibson
    John Stone
    Tom Tate
    Austin Breeden
    Ralph Maddalena
    Art Orton
    Don Readinger
    Cliff Takemoto
    Paul Philips
    Gary Sturgill
    Nick Swanson
    Jim Zuber
    Dan Thomas
    Ken Herring

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