Porsche Sound Nacht 2013 – Listen To The Roar!

Every year, the Porsche museum has an event unlike any other.  Sound Nacht. On this special night they actually start the museum cars, let them run, and rev them for those in attendance to hear.  Porsche knows that their cars, more than most, incorporate an aural quality to the experience, and they are more than happy to show that off.


Bringing round some cars from the display floor and firing them up is quite an endeavor, and Porsche rolls out the red carpet to do it.  Some of the most significant Porsche racing cars were brought to the event this year, including the Dreikantschaber (wedge blade) 1963 356B 2000 GS Carrera GT, a 904 with a flat-8 wedged in it, one of the twenty-some 911R, the Can Am 917/30, an RSR, Moby Dick, the Le Mans winning GT1-98, and the Le Mans winning 2013 991 RSR.  Of the videos displayed, the 904 and the 917 have two of the most distinctive sounds, and I imagine these engines would make excellent music together.

porsche sound nacht 2013 v2

Presented in a large open room with each car rolled onto the main stage one at a time, Porsche surrounds each car with technicians, microphones, and videographers to capture the event.  It is certainly a big to-do, and for obvious reasons.  Outside of vintage racing events (which these Porsches almost never attend), this is the only way you'll really hear them run, and because of this it has become a popular event.  A couple thousand people turned out to see their favorites run, and luckily for us (and ironically, too), FerrariChat.com member Elsi captured some great video right from the front row.  At just over a minute each, these videos are well worth the watch.  In fact, I would probably build a YouTube playlist and have these playing in the background all day, just to add a little cheer to your Monday.

Porsche Sound Nacht 2013 : 911 RSR 2013

Porsche Sound Nacht 2013 : 911 GT1 1998

Porsche Sound Nacht 2013 : 935/78 Moby Dick 1978

Porsche Sound Nacht 2013 : 917/30 Spyder 1973

Porsche Sound Nacht 2013 : Porsche 911 R 1967-1968

Porsche Sound Nacht 2013 : 904/8 Carrera GTS 1964

Porsche Sound Nacht 2013 : 356 B 2000 GS Carrera GT 1963

Porsche Sound Nacht 2013 : 961 1986

Porsche Sound Night 2013: 924 GTP Le Mans 1981

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