Everything You Could Ever Want To Know About Hurley Haywood

Earlier in the week we showed you the logistics of moving a 919 Hybrid LMP1 race car from a transporter truck into the second floor of the Petersen Museum in LA in preparation for a pre-Monterey interview with Porsche great Hurley Haywood. For those of you in the LA area, perhaps you were able to attend the interview itself to meet Hurley and view the 919 in person. However, more than likely, most of you couldn't attend. This post is for you. For the next 90 minutes, in the video below, MotoMan TV talks with Hurley as he opens up about in a personal way we haven't heard before. If you ever wanted to know who Hurley Haywood is, what his early life and career was like and how he ended up as the most successful endurance race car driver in history, watch this video.

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