What Will Porsche’s LMP1 Livery Look Like For 2014?

We recently ran across a post on facebook that showcased the work of a talented young designer, Andy Werner. The post featured a proposed livery for Porsche's upcoming LMP1 effort in the WEC. According to the bio on Andy's site his clients include the likes of Mini, BMW, Adidas, Allianz, and Phillip Morris (just to name a few). He obviously knows what he's doing and it shows in his work.

Proposed Porsche LMP1 Livery

Not only does Andy create a livery for Porsche's race season and pre-season. He also went so far as to design a series' logo, driver's suits and helmets as well as crew shirts and suits. While I like the direction Andy's going in, I think it's a bit too muted. Please note, Andy's livery designs are done on an Audi chassis but you get the idea.

While a good livery won't help a team win a race, a memorable one does help build fan support. Given how much time, effort and money Porsche is putting into preparing for the 2014 season in FIA World Endurance Challenge I have to imagine as much thought and energy is going into the livery for the new LMP1 Porsche race car.

Could The Iconic Porsche Martini Livery Make a Comeback

porsche lmp1 martini livery

Porsche and Martini Racing recently resurrected their partnership. Not only can 918 owners order their special Porsche with a Martini livery, Martini is once again an official partner to Porsche in the Mobil 1 Supercup. Could we see a Martini livery on the new Porsche LMP1 race car? We know they can't run the Martini name in France at Le Mans (unless advertising laws are changed) but what about just the Martini colors? What about other historic Porsche racing liveries? What livery would you like to see on Porsche's LMP1 race cars?

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[Story idea via Mulsanne's Corner. All Adidas Images from facebook via Any Werner of andwerndesign.com. Martini image via autosprint]

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