Be One of the First to Check Out the Porsche Code of the Curve App for Your Smartphone

UPDATE: The App is now live in iTunes. Click here to go get a copy for yourself and start competing against yourself and others!

It was just a few days ago we let you know about the new program from Porsche on SPEED TV called the "King of the Curve" where 3 teams of 3 drivers each (a celebrity, a professional race car driver and an "ordinary" Porsche enthusiast) compete against each other in various road tests in the new Porsche Cayman. The show includes challenges like Slalom, Autocross and Reaction tests (your ability to stop on demand, etc.). Premiering on May 12th, King of the Curve showcases these competitions and eventually reveals who wins. However, there's a way for you to compete too!

Exclusive First Look at The "Cayman Code of the Curve" App

Screen shots from the new Porsche Cayman Code of the Curve App

Exclusive Screen Shots from the upcoming Cayman Code of the Curve App

Soon to be available for your iPhone, users can download the app for free and use it to perform the same challenges performed on the King of the Curve show. What's more, you can compete against other drivers for top spots on the leader board and earn badges as your points go up. Personally, I don't care about the badges, I want to see how I stack up against Patrick's times...

I should point out that the images above are preliminary screen shots that Porsche provided us and there could be small changes before the final version goes live.

How to Get the App

While the App's not quite ready for prime-time it will be available soon. In the mean time, Porsche was kind enough to give us this early look and told us if you want to be notified when it's ready to download you can visit the CaymanCode web-site and sign-up to receive an alert when it's ready. We did! In fact, we plan on being one of the first to use the app so we can light up the leader-board for at least a few days. Watch out Patrick, we're gunning for you! :-)

How it Works

The app uses your iPhone's accelerometer and GPS to track your results. It was designed with sharing in mind. Not only can you compare yourself against others via the leader board, dealers and driving clubs can set-up challenges for group driving competitions and then compare those scores nationally.

Record Your Curve

Porsche Cayman Code of the Curve app screenshot-Record Your DriveEven better, there's a feature called “Record Your Curve” that allows drivers to record their favorite drives and then share them on Facebook. The drive is scored based on total number of curves driven and includes a map of the drive displayed with curve call-outs for sharing.

While you don't need it, you're probably going to want some kind of iPhone holder in order to keep your iPhone close and easy to access.

Porsche seems to be doing a lot of great things to promote the new Cayman and we can't wait to see what comes next. Don't forget to sign-up to get notified when the app is available and we'll see you on the leader board.

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