The Safretti Vertigo Fireplace by Porsche Design Studio

Finally, here's a Porsche you truly can park in your living room. Manufactured by Safretti from plans created at the Porsche Design Studio, the Vertigo Fireplace is a piece of functional, working Porsche art.

Safretti Porsche Design Fireplace

Designed for indoor or outdoor use, this Porsche Design Fireplace by Safretti requires no flu and creates a warm and inviting flame using a special bio-ethanol type fuel.

Porsche design fireplace

Turned on via remote control, a protective glass panel rises us to ensure your safety and radiate warmth. While expensive at a suggested price of just over $5,000 it's not outrageous considering you can simply lean it against an existing wall and requires little in the way of installation.

Porsche Design Vertigo Fireplace

Launched last month at a party for Safretti's world-wide distributors, the Porsche Design Vertigo fireplace will be manufactured in Holland and available everywhere by early March.

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[Source: Saffretti-Vertigo]

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