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  1. Honestly, they are just street tires. It is not like the average Porsche street car driver is ever going to push their car to the limit of grip or take their traction control off anyway. These tires are fine for the typical Porsche street car driver who doesn’t know how to drive, but not really cool enough for the cars and coffee crowd and only acceptable for the track. Very telling that they don’t come in an 18 in size, the most common for track and race cars.

    • You must be an idiot. I drive a p as a daily, track, drive without tc and find the roads I can drive to the limit of my ability and the limits of the road. The car still wins in terms of capability. I have completed all road stage training with p. These tyres are incredible. Wet or dry. No difference. I stake my life on them. What are you running on your 97 Miata?

    • Not cool enough for cars and coffee crowd? Really? I daily, autocross, and track my 987 on Pilot Super Sports. I agree that they aren’t great track tires, but they are the best all around performance tire on sale. I’m going to transition to the PS4S this season.

  2. It was clearly stated the they will eventually replace PSS so 18″ should be in the horizon. Definitively a dedicated track tire is not, nor as track oriented as the Sport Cup 2 or the Trofeo R. But it is the best tire you can buy if you are to have a single set for daily driving and weekend track fun.

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