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The Porsche brand is one of the most recognizable marks in the automotive world. As a result, there is a large and diverse set of books available for the Porsche enthusiast. Not all of these books are created equal. Some are better written then others, some have more technical specifications, while others have excellent photography.

The authors vary from well know Porsche columnist Bruce Anderson to more obscure, but well respected within the Porsche community, like Randy Leffingwell. Below is just a small sampling of the books available to those interested in learning more about the Porsche brand, culture and history. I own and have read each of these books, so I feel comfortable in recommending them. I have provided a link for each book so you can purchased directly from the reseller. I'm sure that some of them would be available at your local book store as well.

If there are any books missing from the list below, please let me know. I'm happy to add to my collection, review and ad to the list.

Porsche Books

  • Porsche 911SC: The Essential Companion by Adrian Streather

    "Containing absolutely everything a 911SC owner needs to know, every model and version is included. Engines, transmissions, suspension, and how to improve the performance are covered. This book really is the essential companion for the 911SC owner or would-be owner. No need to ask questions online anymore, the answers are all here."

  • Porsche 993 Essential Companion by Adrian Streather

    "The 993 version of the 911 is sometimes described as the King of Porsche". This book chronicles the development, racing history and all ownership issues of the 993 in tremendous detail. Contains absolutely everything a 993 owner needs to know. Every model and version is included. Engines, transmissions, suspension and how to improve the performance are covered as well as the fixes for common problems, includes well over one thousand photographs, this book features incredibly in-depth information about all aspects of the Porsche 993. The essential companion for the 993 owner or would-be owner."

  • Original Porsche 911: The Guide to All Production Models, 1963-98 (Original Series) by Peter Morgan

    "This is one of the best books about classic Porsche 911s available. It provides detailed information, pictures and specifications (incl. interior & exterior trim, engine, available colors, option-lists and many more) of all 911 series. If you want to know, which model you are looking at, next time you see a classic 911? Read this book and you'll know"

  • Porsche 911: Perfection by Design by Randy Leffingwell

    Excellence, June 2006 (No. 1 Porsche-specific magazine in the U.S.)
    “Books on Porsche come and go – but standouts are rare. Porsche 911: Perfection by Design is one … What really sets this book apart is the way it endeavors to answer a basic question: ‘Why has the rear-engined 911 been so successful in a world that’s relegated its basic layout to automotive history?’ The in-depth research and telling interviews used to answer that question make this book a bargain."

  • Porsche 911 Red Book 1965-2005 by Patrick Paternie

    "This is the essential pocket reference on the world's most recognizable sports car. This book furnishes all you need to know about the original performance, appearance, and options of any Porsche 911. This is your one-stop 911 technical specification reference! Chapters are devoted to each 911 model year, putting all of the data at your fingertips. Complete listings of chassis and engine serial numbers trace the 911's production history, color variations, interior appointments, options, and customer racing packages. Factory reference codes for engines and transmissions--the keys to determining any 911's authenticity--are also packed into this handy, compact guide. All production variations for the world market are covered, making this the reference book that every Porsche enthusiast will turn to again and again in their pursuit of excellence."

  • How to Rebuild and Modify Porsche 911 Engines 1965-1989 by Wayne R. Dempsey

    "Never-before published information details the nuances of this daunting task! From dropping the engine, to reconditioning and blueprinting, through final reinstallation and break-in, Dempsey guides you step-by-step through the pitfalls often experienced by even the best mechanics. Contains reliable information on parts interchange, performance modifications, reliability upgrades, teardown procedures, and potential problems encountered along the way. This is essential information for do-it-yourselfers and for those looking to hire a professional."

  • Porsche 911 Performance Handbook by Bruce Anderson

    "Buy, tune, maintain and modify your prized 911 with this ultimate guide. Learn about wheel and tire improvement, up-to-the-minute autocross or showroom stock suspension and brake mods, custom add-on bodywork and paint, and interiors -- where to buy it, how to install it and what to expect for a result. Covers engine, suspension, chassis, transmission, tune-ups, model history, body and more on all 911s up through 1996."