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Rag & Bone Destroys Aircooled 911 For Fashion Week, Calls It “Art”

Rag and Bone Destroys Porsche

We live in an era of manufactured outrage. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't hear about someone being raked over the coals for an insensitive tweet, or a business being boycotted because of the owner's political leanings. Some might be justified, and some is just anger for the sake of anger. What happens below, in my humble opinion, …

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Some Porsche 918 Owners Are Giving The Rest Of Us Porsche Owners A Bad Name…

918 Spyder Car Wash

What is it with a few bad egg 918 owners doing dumb things with their cars lately? I get that we live in a world where you don't have to be smart to be wealthy, but these guys aren't doing us any favors with the community at large. How do you convince your acquaintances that owning a Porsche doesn't make you a 'douche-bag' when they see headlines …

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Will Porsche Break The 200,000 Vehicle Delivery Mark This Year?


In late 2013 Porsche announced ambitious plans to sell 200,000 vehicles annually by 2018. At first blush, it seemed like a pretty lofty goal. Now, not even two years later it looks like Porsche could hit that goal three years early.In 2014, Porsche delivered 189,850 new cars to customers all over the world. Now, half way through 2015, we've …

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Our Favorite Porsches On Ebay This Week: Volume 27


We've been compiling the best Porsche models on eBay for almost a year now, and we've seen some pretty astonishing cars pop up now and again. There is some great new stuff every two weeks, so check back often. We've tracked down five more exciting Porsches for you nice people to purchase today, including a very low mile 911 Speedster, a bright …

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These Are The 17 Porsches That Have Won The 24 Hours Of Le Mans Overall


Lately, Porsche has been on this kick about celebrating their motor sport "Past, Present, and Future", and there's no other part of their history that is quite so relevant to the company than Le Mans. With 17 overall victories, looking at them in the context of their time helps to give an idea of what Porsche is, and what they stand for. In looking …

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Which Porsche Will Become “Collectible” Next?


Most Porsche fans I talk to spend a lot of time "browsing". They look through classifieds, they look on eBay, they peruse various forums, everyone always seems to be looking for their next Porsche. I know I'm guilty of doing that. I've been after a 996 Turbo Cab and a nice driver 914 for quite while. In fact, I had a deposit on a 996 Turbo Cab …

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Project Boxster Clubsport: Part 8 – Installing A Short Shift Kit

Agency Power SSK Project Boxster

Last year we introduced you to our newest project car, called simply "Project Boxster Clubsport". In that first installment we found the right car, we purchased it for a song, and it was sitting politely in our garage waiting for its first modifications. So far, the Boxster has been happy to simply rack up the miles and keep things rocking along. …

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Porsche Hints, Again, At 7th Model

porsche ferrari figher

Back in March, during the Geneva Motor Show, Porsche confirmed a 7th model was in the works, but didn't really elaborate on when we would see it. Chairman of Porsche, Matthias Müller, made the following remarks during his speech at the brand's press conference. "For example, in the not too distant future we will present a seventh model series. But …

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Watch As This Porsche Gets Stolen From The Owner’s Driveway

porsche stolen from driveway australia-small

We all fear it, getting ready to take your Porsche for a drive only to find that it's been stolen. That's exactly what happened to Alec Cortez of Canberra, Australia when he left his 911 running in the driveway for a few minutes. Apparently, Alec had just finished cleaning the wheels of his car and his hands were pretty dirty as a result. …

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The Last Turn: The Last Of The First

Moneterey 82 Mathe 60K10-small

The Monterey Historics Porsche tribute in August of 1982 provided a notable chance to see many famous Porsches and famous Porsche drivers, but was unique for me in its opportunity to see the only remaining Type 60K10. Porsche had, in the 1930s, already designed and proposed production of the VW based Type 64 sports car, only to be turned down by …

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