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We All Need Friends Like These

driving porsche 904-small

When a friend with a substantial car collection asks you to exercise his cars, what do you say? His stable includes a 300SL gullwing, 300SL roadster, Ferrari 365GTB 4 cam, Muira SV, BMW M1, Mangusta, BMW 507, 246 GTS Dino, Daytona, Jag XK 150 S, Aston Martin DB 4 GT and a 58’ 4 cam Speedster. I am putting on the brakes as the list includes …

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The Last Turn – Großmutter: The Grandmother Of Porsche Spyders

Sebring  Herbert Linge  Grossmutter-small

The last and most famous of the Porsche Spyders, the W-RS eventually became known as Großmutter—Grandmother in English—because of its years of racing history. Shown here at Sebring in 1964, it was near the end of its long career, and was again serving, alongside the brand new 904s, as a long-distance racer. In the days when Porsche had taken on …

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