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Porsche’s Results, Pictures And Videos In The WEC At The Nürburgring

mark webber

We're half-way through the season and the results just keep getting better. Did you watch any of this round? I sure hope so! There were some epic battles in both classes but the battle between Audi and Porsche in LMP1 was awesome. If you missed it, here is but a small taste of what you would have seen.If you watched to the end you know …

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Project Boxster Clubsport: Part 9 – Lightweight Audio Options

project boxster clubsport audio-small

Last year we introduced you to our newest project car, called simply "Project Boxster Clubsport". In that first installment we found the right car, we purchased it for a song, and it was sitting politely in our garage waiting for its first modifications. So far, the Boxster has been happy to simply rack up the miles and keep things rocking along. …

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Video: Gunnar Jeannette Flogs A Gulf Porsche 908/3 At Laguna Seca

Gunnar Jeanette Porsche 908/3 Onboard

Have you seen enough Monterey Motorsport Reunion onboard videos yet? We've already shown you some onboards from Patrick Long, Leh Keen, and Bruce Canepa, so how about Gunnar Jeannette driving the Revs Institute's Gulf-liveried Porsche 908/3? The track doesn't change from those other videos we've shown, but the surrounding cars do, and the shift …

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How Long Will Porsche Continue To Race The 919 In The WEC?

lemans winners porsche

To many of you it might be a given that the Porsche 919 LMP1 would continue to race next year and beyond, but that wasn't necessarily the case. The 919 program itself is hugely expensive, employing some 230 people. More importantly, and as Matthias Müller, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG, said: “Motorsport is an important part of …

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Video: Bruce Canepa Dominates The Field In His Porsche 935

Canepa 935 Drive Laguna Seca

Bruce Canepa doesn't do things in half measures. If he's going at it, he's going whole hog. That's true in his restoration business, and that's true in his fanatical style of vintage racing. He was on an absolute flyer in this session, and I'm so glad that it was all on video. This is masterfully produced, by the way, as the commentary is even …

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