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10 Pieces Of Porsche Technology That Transferred From The Race Track To The Road

porsche technology transfer small

1. Ring Synchronization: Before there was PDK…Before there was Tiptronic…Before there was Synchronization, there was the legendary “crash-box” transmission. Drivers were expected to have the skills to match engine RPMs with transmission RPMs for each gear. That meant listening and feeling what the car was doing for ever gearshift made, especially …

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Walter Röhrl: Six Minutes At Full Throttle In a 911 GT3 RS

walter rohrl on track in Porsche 911 GT3 RS

You only wish you could be as cool as Walter Röhrl is in this video. If I were piloting a $175k, 500 horsepower GT3 RS around the track I would drenched in sweat and exhausted from trying not to stuff it. Walter on the other hand looks like he's out for a quick jaunt down to the local store to pick up a paper and a coffee. Then again, I'm not a …

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The Differences Between The Porsche 911 GT3 and the Porsche 911 GT3 RS

porsche 911 GT3 RS vs. porsche 911 GT3

With the imminent release of the latest versions of the GT3 RS, the usual questions surface: how does it compare to the “plain” GT3, what does one get for the extra $45,000 and is it worth it? First, A Few Straightforward ComparisonsWhat The Statistic Don’t Tell You Power: From a technical standpoint, the major difference between the two …

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Porsche 918 Spyder Recalled Due To Wiring Harness Issues


Porsche's mega hyper super hybrid is being recalled globally for a service inspection. According to the recall release, Porsche will be asking each of the people who own 918 Spyders, built through to the end of Arpil 2015, to bring their car in for precautionary checks of a potential issue. There are 223 cars in the United States market that fit …

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Is Porsche Working On New Electric Super Sedan To Compete With Tesla?

Porsche electric car

According to the fine men and women over at Autocar, Porsche is working on a brand new executive car that will be aimed squarely at BMW's 5-series in size, and Tesla's Model S in terms of technology and likely pricing. The new sedan is rumored to be developed with two power-train systems at launch (both driven through the rear wheels), including a …

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Porsche Trademarks “GT5″, What Are They Up To?


We all know that Porsche isn't one to rest on their laurels, and with the Cayman GT4 having just launched a few weeks ago, there are already rumblings of a new 'GT' model. Apparently Porsche has applied for the trademark of the name "GT5" in Germany, and are unlikely to have that application turned down. The question on everyone's lips; What could …

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This Is The Porsche Macan Production Line & Proving Grounds

video featuring the porsche macan production line

If you're one of the 44,636 people who took delivery of a Macan in 2014, or one of the 50,000 Porsche expects to do so in 2015, then you already know it's worthy of the Porsche badge. But, do you know how it's made? Sure, Porsche showed us their owned gussied up video a couple of years ago featuring the production line in motion, but it was edited …

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The 7 Most Commonly Used Terms By Porsche 911 Race Car Drivers

2014 Tudor USCC - Road America

About the author: Bryan Sellers has been a Falken Tire factory driver for seven years. As one of the elite American sports car racers, the Braselton, Georgia-resident has driven the No. 17 Team Falken Tire Porsche 911 RSR (and its predecessor the 911 GT3 RSR) to GT class victories at Mid-Ohio (American Le Mans Series, 2011), Baltimore (ALMS, 2011, …

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