Fascinating Stop Motion Film of a Porsche Engine Getting Torn Down

When I first read the description of this video I wasn't expecting a whole heck of a lot. However, it quickly captured my attention and had me mesmerized. Right before my eyes this worn down 3.2 liter Porsche Engine was deconstructed, piece by piece, as if by magic. The wizardry of stop motion photography makes me continue to watch this clip over and over, it's that good. If you ever wanted to see what's inside a Porsche engine (and you've never taken one apart on your own) this video will educate you in a way that would be nearly impossible to duplicate. Even better, the producers promise more to come as they continue the series and tune the engine for an upcoming Outlaw build. Enjoy!

Update: We were able to talk with the folks behind this film and find out exactly how it was made.

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