Will the Auction for Whitney Houston’s Porsche Bring as Much Money as Beckham’s?

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When Update: The auction results are in. And while Whitney's Porsche brought strong money at $42,000 it didn't go off the charts as some had predicted

David Beckham's Porsche came up for sale last January, a bidding war ensued ending in a final price well above reality. Next week a 1991 Porsche Carrera cabriolet once owned by the late Whitney Houston goes up for auction during the Dan Kruse-Leake Collector Car Show & Auction in San Antonio, TX. Will this Porsche bring as large a premium as Beckham's did?

Is it Really Whitney Houston's Porsche

According to the the Leake web-site this Porsche with the famous provenance has 57,513 miles on the odometer and a service history that show's Whitney Houston as owner. If a picture of a hand-written entry into the Porsche's service record isn't enough to convince you this is Ms. Houston's personal Porsche, the car apparently comes with insurance documentation showing the car was at one time registered to Nippy, Inc. (a production company owned by Whitney Houston).

Assuming this is Whitney's Porsche, be sure you run a car fax first as she famously sideswiped a bus in a Porsche back in 2004.

How High will the Price Go?

A 1991 Cab with ordinary provenance might bring anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 (such as this Porsche for sale on eBay). Will the specter of Whitney's provenance boost the price of this Porsche? What do you think?

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[Source: SportsCarMarket and Leake Auction Company]

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  1. Rafael Rodriguez says

    The only Porsche that could fetch millions and/or will be bought by me if I had that kind of currency. That car should be one driven by the doctor himself or another one driven by the recently deceased ” Butsy”. All other ones should only fetch common auto auction prices. Those other are simply self egoed butts on a seat.

  2. John Patterson says

    I would run the other way on this one. The image I have of Ms. Huston, especially given her troubled life and tragic death, does not suggest to me that the car would have been conscientiously cared for.

  3. Dilla says

    I think this car will be the show stopper. The porsche that whitney hit the bus in
    2004 was black not white for anyone who doesnt know the history of whitneys
    porsche ownership. I think this 911 will drag anywhere from 50k to 75k with no
    problem and could reach the 100k mark to the collector who knows what a prize
    this car could become.I would love to own this car but i’m not to that point in my life
    to invest as of yet. but working on it!!!!!


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