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You’ll Want This Porsche Playmobil Toy Even If You Don’t Have Kids

porsche playmobil carrera

It wasn't too long ago that we told you about the two new Porsche play sets coming available from Lego this Spring. Now, another of our favorite toy manufacturers, Playmobil, is joining forces with Porsche and releasing their own set as part of their "City Life" collection.Launched earlier this month in Germany, the Playmobil 911 Carrera …

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5 Porsche Calendar Choices For 2015

Porsche Turbo Enamel Perpetual Calendar

Every year we look forward to getting our new Calendar and every year, thanks to our friends in Atlanta, they send us one. Thanks, Porsche! After checking out the collector coin that came with it (more on that below) and flipping through the months we decided to take a look around and see what other Porsche calendar choices there are. Here's what …

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12 Porsche Gift Ideas

porsche pink pig

1. Porsche UnexpectedI can still remember the first time we visited the Ingram Collection. At the time, the family Porsche collection was one of the best kept secrets in the world of Porsche (PCNA didn't even know it existed yet) and very few were given the opportunity to see it. Thankfully, for all Porsche fans, things have changed. Now …

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These Porsche 911s Are Made Of Yogurt


Exactly one year ago Porsche introduced Maria Sharapova as the first global ambassador of the sports car manufacturer. The tennis star was already familiar with the brand: As the 2012 winner of the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart, Sharapova not only took home the prize money, but also her first 911 Carrera S Cabriolet.Since being …

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Exclusive 25% Discount Offer On The 2014 Porsche Calendar with Collector Coin


If you didn't win a 2014 Porsche Calendar in our recent contest, and you haven't yet purchased one for yourself, then we have a deal you will like. FLATSIXES.COM's sponsor,, is offering our readers 25% off the list price of the official 2014 Porsche Calendar (complete with the highly prized and collectible coin). As we near the …

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Get 25% Off Urban Outlaw Merchandise, Plus A Free, Never Before Printed, Movie Poster To The First 50 Orders

Magnus Walker Movie Poster Free With Purchase And Our Coupon Code Of "UOF6"

Each year around this time we try to find our subscribers and readers a cool deal they can capitalize on as another benefit of reading our emails and web-site. This year Magnus Walker stepped up and agreed to offer our readers a chance to get a free, never before printed, Urban Outlaw movie poster (that's it below).All you have to do is …

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10 Porsche Gift Ideas

porsche gift ideas

We've been publishing this site for six years now and each year around now we post a list of gift ideas for the Porsche lover on your Christmas list. Some of you can use this to purchase a gift for loved ones. Others might forward it to someone to provide a hint. Regardless of how you use our list we've tried to provide a little something for …

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Porsche’s Infinite Enamel Calendar

Porsche Infinite scrolling calendar. Dimensions: 43.5 x 33.5 x 2.5 cm.

Every year since 1954 Porsche has published a printed calendar and since 1962 they've added in a collector coin as well. This year, Porsche offers collectors and enthusiasts something a bit different. Limited to just 2,013 units, this enamel wall calendar features an engineering drawing of a 1963 model Porsche along with a photograph of a …

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15% Discount on Driver’s Selection Merchandise and Porsche Tequipment Accessories

Porsche Tequipment coupon

Discounts from Porsche are rare. So a 15% discount that offers savings for winter wheel sets, performance, roof transport, calendars, Porsche bikes, stunningly designed office furniture and accessories, clothing, toys, and other gift items is even better.The Porsche Tequipment & Driver's Selection 15% Savings Certificate This 2014 Fall …

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