With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies??

Here's a headline that got my attention, "Woman attacks 'ex-friend' with his own Porsche!" Found in the Dayton Daily News, the article goes on to detail an account of an apparently jilted lover who didn't like the fact that her married "ex-friend" was now in the company of another, younger woman.

Police were called to a parking lot in Piqua, OH around 12:45 a.m. on a report of an assault in progress. According to the victims, a 58 year old man and his 26 year old "friend", they were heading from a sports bar to their truck when they saw a Porsche coming toward them, forcing them to run to the truck to avoid being hit.

Witnesses say they saw a woman in a Porsche repeatedly driving into the side of a truck containing two people. The man in the truck said he had a protection order against the woman (identified as Pamela Maher, 47) who he described as an “ex-friend.” He went on to tell police he had put the Porsche in Maher’s name while he was in the process of a divorce from his former wife. He said he tried to get the car back, but a judge awarded it to Maher.

According to the article, the 1990-model Porsche and the 2003-model truck both sustained heavy damage. Fortunately, no one was injured. Maher was charged with two counts of felonious assault along with misdemeanor violation of a protection order and driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Is there a separate, stronger charge, for destroying a Porsche?

Okay, let's sum this up. Guy finds "friendship" with a woman 10 years his junior while still married. While undergoing divorce proceedings, from his then wife, he transfers ownership of his 1990 Porsche into the name of his "friend". Presumably, the divorce goes through, he and his "friend" dissolve their "friendship", he tries to get Porsche back and loses it in a court battle. That's bad enough by itself. The guy then decides enough is enough, get's himself another "friend", this time 30 or so years younger and proceeds to be assaulted by his "ex-friend" driving his "ex-Porsche". Darwin Award anyone???

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[Source: Dayton Daily News]

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  1. Mark Petry says

    seems like P cars sort of magnetize people’s emotions, one way or another. Is’nt there a story about Nick Faldo’s 959 and his girlfriend taking a golf club to it?

    Mark Petry
    Bainbridge Island, WA

  2. Jane says

    How do you think I got my 944S track car?
    I love men stupid enough to give nice gifts to their lovers then expect them back when they decide to move on.
    Yet, when mine began seducing “michelle” in his sleep, I chose another form of retribution other than crashing the car.

  3. Ronald Sieber says

    Some men just never leran that “Hell hath no fury, et cetera, et cetera…”

    Plus: when you give something to someone, it is no longer yours. Duh!

    It’s not about the cars – it’s about the people, right? :)


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