2016 Porsche Club of America Porsche Parade Venue Announced

I know what you're thinking, the 2013 Parade just wrapped up and there are two more Parades to go (Monterey, CA in 2014 and French Lick, IN in 2015) before you could even start thinking about 2016. Well, we're thinking about it now!


Earlier today we learned, via a friend we made this past winter at the Porsche Winter Driving Experience in Vermont, that the 2016 Parade will take place at Jay Peak Resort in Vermont (Thanks, Jack!). That's practically our back yard!


If you've never been to Vermont in your Porsche then you need to put this on your calendar. If ever there was a state built for driving Porsches, it's Vermont. Long open roads with lots of elevation changes and turns, very little traffic or congestion and tranquil scenery abound. Let's not forget those incredible covered bridges.

jay peak pump house

Jay Peak is a year-round resort featuring ample space and opportunity for fun. It has everything you would expect from a ski-resort (lots of different lodging options, golf, restaraunts, mountain biking, hiking, etc.) and then some - The Pump House Indoor Water Park, or try your hand at Curling in the Ice Haus Arena.

We don't have official dates yet, but once we do, we'll let you know. No matter what, you can count on seeing us there!

UPDATE: 9/4/2013 Dates were just announced today on AlpineZone.com. According to them, the Parade will run from Friday, June 17 to Sunday, June 26, 2016. We called Jay Peak and they confirmed that the dates are June 17 to June 26, 2016.

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*Special thanks to our friend, Jack from New England Cable News. If you want to know what's happening in Vermont, Jack's your guy. Follow him on Twitter @JackNECN.

[Photos via: JayPeak and WikiImages]

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  1. says

    A member of the Green Mountain Region – PCA (Vermont) told this story when he got back from the PCA Parade in Michigan.  It was dismissed as a rumour, because the Zone 1 rep didn’t know about it and the Vermont region president didn’t either.  If it’s true it is fascinating that PCA would select Vermont without any consultation with these people who would obviously be involved.  Zone 1 is by far the largest zone in PCA, so it would be hard, and pointless, to keep it a secret from them.  The Porsche Winter Driving Experience was held in Vermont by PCNA with no consultation with the Vermont PCA club.  However, the idea seems to come from multiple sources, both in PCNA and PCA, even though those two entities don’t necessarily cooperate with one another that comfortably.  We’ll see. Could there be a confusion here, and the actual event in 2016 will be another Winter Driving Experience operated by PCNA? PCA has made no announcement of its plans for the 2016 Parade.

  2. Prescott Kelly says

    To set the record straight, PCA and PCNA do operate together VERY comfortably. It has been that way since the licensing agreement was renewed over ten years ago, helped importantly by the addition of Club Co-ordination staff at PAG and PCNA. Sandra Mayr at PAG and Paul Gregor at PCNA and PCA’s Executive Council, Executive Director Vu Nguyen, and the Parade staff under Susan Brown all have worked together smoothly to the Parade’s great benefit. I was part of those teams for some years and it is an excellent partnership.

  3. Gregg says

    This is great. I’m from the Central Wisconsin Region and my wife always wanted to go to the northeast and this will be her first time out there. When the time gets closer I will be asking you guys where the “gotta do this” stuff is. I can’t wait.

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