Win A Collectible 50 Years of the 911 Porsche Room Key

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: The contest has ended and we've chosen our random winners. We assign a unique number to each comment and then use a random number generator to pick the 30 winning comments. If you're name was chosen, please use our contact form to send us an email (make sure it's from the same email you subscribe with) with your full name and complete mailing address. We'll need to hear from you no later than Monday the 4th of November. If we haven't heard from you by then we'll award your key to the next random comment and update the list. Once we've heard from all 30 winners, we'll send out all the keys at once (this can sometimes take a couple of weeks as we wait for everyone to respond). Thanks for reading and thanks for participating. Keep your eyes open for our new contest next week where we'll be giving away some very nice Michelin memorabilia (including a rare Bib bobble head). See the list below to check for your name.

Winners of the 50 Years of the 911 Porsche Room Key

  • Bubba Smurf
  • John Luff
  • Dan Faas
  • Matt Foskett
  • Roger Moises
  • Michael Ewing
  • Donald Reid
  • Ed Hughes
  • Pfan Dutton
  • Thom Kuby
  • William Rogers
  • Setho, Lance Dill
  • Ron Bellows
  • Bob Mauch
  • Andrew Eaton
  • Lawrence Kwei
  • Norn Houston
  • Rick Becker
  • David Everitt
  • Stephen Rowe
  • Gerald Murray
  • Charlie Massler
  • David Figlino
  • Jerry Thompson
  • Matthew Vanderwielen
  • Kerry Enns
  • Jack Griffin
  • Earl Gibson III
  • Larry Hunter

In late August we had the good fortune to travel to Monterey for the Concours, the Historic Races and the Auctions. In between the events, for a few short hours each night, we put our head down on a pillow at the Monterey Marriott. Guests of Porsche were given a room key celebrating 50 Years of the Porsche 911 (that's an image of our key below). As usual, we asked for as many as they would give us in order to give them away to you here on the site. Thinking we would only get a few, imagine our surprise when they handed us such a large stack that we can giveaway 30 of them here. Read below on how you can get this great piece of Porsche Memorabilia

Follow the directions below for your chance to win one of these Porsche room keys

Follow the directions below for your chance to win one of these Porsche room keys

Here's How To Win

If you would like to add this key to your Porsche memorabilia collection then all you have to do is answer one question. Using the comment form below, tell us what kind of Porsche you currently drive. If you own more than one, that's cool too, we want to know. If you're not currently a Porsche owner, let us know what type of Porsche you would like to drive. On the 20th of October we'll pick 30 winners randomly and announce them as an update to this post and within our newsletter on October 21st. THIS IS IMPORTANT. WE WILL ONLY ANNOUNCE THE WINNERS ON THE SITE AND IN THE NEWSLETTER. IF YOU HAVEN'T SUBSCRIBED TO OUR NEWSLETTER YOU'LL NEED TO DO SO IN ORDER TO KNOW YOU'VE WON. If any of the original 30 winners don't respond within a week of our announcing them, we'll hand off their key to the next random commenter by updating the winners list on this post and within the following week's newsletter. Good luck!

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  1. Dan Faas says

    I don’t currently own a Porsche but I am a Gold Certified Porsche Technician. If and when I do buy my Porsche it will (hopefully) be a 64-73 911. I love all the body styles of the 911’s but you can’t beat the original!

  2. Sean Sweeney says

    I currently own a 1984 3.2 carrera, guards red with a tan and chocolate brown interior. I put everything I had into savings for over a year to make my dream of owning ones reality

  3. Hayward Taylor says

    I own the following
    1986 Carrera Cabriolet – Red (owned since 1994)
    1987 944 Turbo Coupe – Red (owned since 1997)
    1992 968 Coupe – Cobalt Blue (owned since 2001)
    1995 993 Coupe – Riviera Blue (owned since 2005)
    2004 Cayenne S – Blue (owned since 2009)
    2007 997 S Coupe – Signal Green (owned since 2012)

  4. Gerald Murray says

    Waited 45 years for the *right* Porsche 911 to come across my radar screen.
    She’s a 1996 Iris blue model 993 Carrera C2 coupe.
    The mechanic, who did the PPI, said “she’s perfect both mechanically and cosmetically… just buy it …you won’t regret it.”
    He was RIGHT!!!

  5. Bill Keegan says

    We’re finally begining to live the life with the following:
    1987 Slant Nose Turbo, original, owned since 1991
    1961 356 Notchback
    2010 Cayenne S
    1991 928 S4
    Enjoy them all.

  6. Jack Griffin says

    Porsches I currently own:

    1955 356 Continental s/r coupe (Outlaw restoration), owned 20 yrs. Silver/red
    1970 914-6 (owned 37 yrs.). Adriatic Blue/brown
    1985 911 Carrera Cpe., Guards Red/tan
    1989 911 Speedster (bought new; now 14,000 mi.) Guards Red/tan

    Past Porsches I should have kept:

    911 RSR Carrera (raced 4 yrs IMSA)
    ’58 Speedster, driven in 7 Colorado Grand events, 5 Copperstate 1000, & California Mille
    ’60 S90 s/r Cpe. (very first S90 produced)
    ’55 Speedster (37,000 orig miles, 10 yrs ago)
    ’73 911S (metallic gold)

  7. Ted Thompson says

    I own a 1984 Porsche 911 coupe / Slate metalic blue.

    Porsche’s in the past,

    1970 914-6 First Porsche- 1976.
    1983 SC Cab.
    1983 SC Targa
    1987 Carrera Cab.
    1990 Carrera 2 Cab

    Long time PCA member and Porsche lover.

  8. david figlino says

    I drive a Black on Black 1964 356C I have own this car of 43 years of it’s 49 years on this earth, It well go to my 7 year old nephew when i get to meet the good DR . in car heaven.

  9. Kevin says

    I am a recently retired master tech strickly on 1969 to 1973 MFI 911’s for over 30 years, I own a survivor 1973 T targa she has 100% of what she left the factory with and I mean everything! I have owned her since 1990. i want to drive a 1973 Carrera RS, I have driven many MFI cars but not one of those and want to throw one around before I get boxed and planted

  10. Elliot Cummins says

    Currently I live vicariously through this website as i don’t own my own (soon!)

    I’m going to get myself a late 60s early 70s 911, and would love to drive a 1969 911S coupe.
    I would like to drive any 911 though, and would enjoy a 912 as well.

    How about the Irish green 912 barn find? I wouldn’t mind taking that for a drive.

    Also David, I am very jealous if you own all those beauties!

  11. Scott Ferris says

    I currently drive a 1979 911SC Targa in Sky Blue Metallic,

    I am looking for a 996 Turbo Coupe, unmolested. Or I would consider the new Cayman S..
    But if I am up against the wall, any Porsche coupe would be fun to drive.

  12. Dawid Lachowicz says

    I currently do not own a Porsche, and simply sit and read as much about them as possible.

    I love the new ones that are always released each year, but my ideal one would be an air cooled Porsche.

    Something along the lines of a 1974 SC coupe. Find one without a rear wing as I love the look of the uninterrupted sloping back lines.

    Hopefully soon enough I will hunt one down

  13. BF Moore says

    Working on local dealers on 2014 Cayman S. Looks like I will be ordering it because black appears to be the only color that any of the local dealers stock, not to mention the 95% PDK stocking rate. Want fast, simple and European looking. Rhodium silver with beige or blue interior.

  14. Joe Maguire says

    I own a 2007 911S convertible (yellow with black) and it is the most fantastic vehicle ever! Growing up car-less in the 50’s, I have realized a dream that began in the days of the 356’s at nearby Lime Rock.

  15. rogier bruins says

    Hello! I do not drive a Porsche at this very moment. I set a goal to buy a 964 or 993 within let’s say 5 yrs. Both, but especially the 964, are my dream ever since I am on earth. Kind regards, Rogier

  16. Scooter says

    Current owner of a 1987 Granite Green Carrera Targa, a 1995 Polar Silver Carrera Coupe, and a 2006 Midnight Blue Carrera S Coupe. Three awesome generations of 911’s, and each has their own personality. My daily driver? The 87 Targa. For Grand Touring? The 2006 C2S. For the ultimate combination of the previous two vehicles put together into one fantastically designed vehicle with the most awesome sounding motor? The 1995 993!

  17. Dave Nordlund says

    I love my Porsche collection: 1984 triple black M491 911 Carrera; 1986 triple black 928S, tuned, turbo appointments w/ ‘Risky Biz’ personal plates; 1987 911 Targa ‘my baby’; and 2002 Boxster S.

  18. Rick Vezzani says

    I just finally got my first Porsche after wanting one and saving for many years, I have owned it now for just over a monthand I LOVE it . Oh Yea, it’s a 2004 911 Cabriolet 6spd. Lapis Blue and Tan. It is sweeeet!!

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