What’s the Most Unique Porsche Color ?

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Chances are you've probably seen your fill of silver, black, white, red and grey Porsches. There's nothing wrong with a Porsche in these standard skins. In fact, they're all great choices and popular for a reason. However, I've always been a fan of the more unique colored Porsches. I like Signal Green, Tangerine Orange, Riviera Blue, etc. I like both bright and muted metallics (just look at my Cayenne or John's 993) and I even like some of the stranger "paint to sample" examples you see now and then.

porsche turbo s painted in ice mist

A reader's 911 Turbo S Cabriolet in beautiful "Ice Mist"

Here's what I want to know, what's the most unique Porsche color you've ever seen? Do you know the name, have a paint code? Let us know by commenting on this post and if you have a picture, send it to us at paintcolors at flatsixes.com or post it on the wall of our Facebook page

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    • Nigel Lenton says

      Hi Scott,
      Could you tell me if the colour of your 944 Turbo is a variation of silver/blue metallic, as I have been try to obtain a paint code for this rare colour?
      Kind regards

  1. Joe B says

    My 2006 Cayman S is mid night blue metallic , since the day I picked up the car the first words I hear from guys are ..WOW great car & great color, from ladies , that is a beautiful color , is that a Porsche ??

  2. Lee says

    I once had a ’74 911 coupe in *Ice Green Metallic*…..very similar to the green mist metallic ’68 Pontiac GTO of my youth. btw, I also had one of the original ’88 944 Turbo S Limited Edition (Silver Rose Metallic).

  3. Juan Rodriguez says

    My 996 is whatever blue and then when the Sun hits it it look blue purplish!!! I didn’t see that when I bough it. It was a cloudy day. I guess I’ll find out when I get my certificate of authenticity.

    • 993C4S says

      @Chuck, we’ll have to look that one up. The Champaigne Yellow from Jean-Claude is a very interesting color. Looks very creame like. I’m hoping readers send in some interesting browns too.



  5. says

    I toured the Porsche plant in 2002. Toward the end of the visit I spotted a 911 that was painted, for lack of another word, University of Tennessee Orange. Would not have been on my list of special colors, but I’ll bet any Volunteer would be just delighted to drive to a game.

  6. Jim Hamilton says

    Just trade my base Cayman for a Cayman S with half the mileage and a ton more options including dealer installed BBS LM wheels and H & R Sport Springs.
    Oh and the color,,Atlas Grey Metallic ( E7) whew love it!

  7. Bruce Bade says

    By unique, I assume you mean rare, unusual, or one-of-a-kind. Check out this Web site for a unique 928 factory-painted Perlglanz green/yellow with lime and plum leather: http://www.928s4vr.com/928s4007.htm

    My 928GTS is Aventurine Green Metallic. I think only four 928s in this color were imported in 1995. I’ve seen one other car this color, a 1995 993.

    The Aussie 928 Web site has an interesting section on color: http://www.landsharkoz.com/colourstart.htm

  8. Rob says

    Although I loved the eggplant purple of my 74 Carrera. I think the real unique color was my 2000 Millenium 996 coupe. It was a near black metallic that had eggplant and gold fleck if you looked at it at one angle and then it had a dark green with gold fleck if you looked it at and the opposite angle. Also they only made 911 of those cars for that year.

  9. says

    My two fave colours–in no order–the ADRIA blue as for the 1950 356 in the recent PANORAMA, or the MINT green on a 968 in the same issue. I also like the Ivory, or off-white I’ve seen on 356’s. My own car is the dark Blue (K5) of the mid 80’s. Still loverly. Cheers,VB.

  10. Petah says

    If “unique” means one-off, there’s a fellow in my area who often orders new Porsches in paint-to-sample, and some of his choices are quite daring. A few years back, he had a new Boxster painted in a shade of tan that matches the exterior of his house in Arizona. Sounds strange, but with the stock burnt-orange interior that happened to match the home’s Spanish tile roof, it was quite striking, and he knows he’ll never see another one like it. He dipped a wooden mixing stick in a can of house paint and gave it to the dealer, who sent it in with the new car order. Although not “unique”, I love a nice, plain Grand Prix White on later 911s and “jelly-bean” colors on early 911s. Each to his own!

  11. joseph demeo says

    i have a 1986 911 turbo…it’s marble grey a very subtle color that is rarely seen on these cars. the car is a very successful concours car and i would say the color has been quite an advantage. the car is known as “The Gray Ghost”.

    • Dean says

      Hi Gary
      I have a 2000 “Y” Porsche 911/996 in Zanzibar Red with grey interior I was looking for a 911 to attend shows etc. just had the paint detailed and it looks awesome no swirls etc.
      The car could possibly have been yours in a previous life as they are quite scarce.
      I purchased the car in Sheffield but it was previously in Cumbria and Doncaster before that.

  12. Tracy says

    My 1988 Carrera Cabrio is a light green that appears to look light blue in direct sunlight. The color is ‘Lagoon Green’ and I have googled it to find no pictures of any year car in that color. It makes for good conversation at the PCA gatherings and car shows. The interior being Marine Blue further confuses the “It’s not blue, it’s green”.

  13. John says

    This color is officially called Ice Green Metallic by Porsche, however Chevrolet had a similar color in 1970 called Ice Mist Green. (Porsche code #250 for 1974 & 75) (and Porsche code #266 after due to non acrylic paint.. also it was also called silver green after the code change too.. it went by either name).. This is the most beautiful color of all for a 911, in my opinion.

  14. Peter says

    There are many intriguing colors on Porsche’s palette that I’ve never seen, especially from the 356 days…but I’d like to note that a color that is stunning on a coupe is often less attractive on a cabriolet or Targa, and vice versa. The Targa’s stainless roll hoop and a cabrio’s fabric top or boot can have a large effect on how the eye perceives the color of the lower body…

  15. Petah says

    Ice Green is a very pretty color, and a repaint with modern materials should give a good result. The first time around, there were a lot of problems with the clear-coat. It didn’t stand up to UV very well and began to check after a few years.

  16. ganthony says

    Looking at buying a 911 GTS . Lots of black on wheels and trim…
    What would be a great color combo to contrast nicely with all of the black particulars.
    Red is great but not for me
    Thanks a lot

  17. Frank Torchia says

    My 56 sunroof coupe was Lago Green metallic ,this was a one year color and am told Ferry picked to match the color of the lake in his area.
    Also there is Gold Metallic in early 70’s .
    Both unique and rare

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