Porsche Rear-Ends Two Teens Driving Riding Lawn Mower

Here at FLATSIXES.com we've seen just about every conceivable type of Porsche accident there is. We've seen a Porsches crashing into Porsches, Porsches underwater, Porsches destroyed while sitting in their own garages, etc. etc. However, this is the first time we've ever seen a Porsche involved in an accident with a piece of yard equipment.

porsche cayenne on side of road after rear-ending riding lawn mower

According to the story we read, two teens were driving a riding lawn mower on the street in suburban Detroit when an unsuspecting Porsche Cayenne driver happened upon them and was unable to stop in time. The resulting accident appears to have totaled the riding lawn mower and sent the two teen girls driving it to the hospital with minor injuries. The Cayenne looks, not surprisingly, unharmed.

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UPDATE: The original story has been updated. Apparently, the teens were not driving/riding on the mower. Instead, they were standing next to it (they were working just outside their driveway) when the driver of the Porsche Cayenne drove directly into them. It sounds like things could have been much worse and the police are investigating if this is a case of another distracted driver. Check out the original story for full details.

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[Story Source and Photo: Click on Detroit]

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