10 Tips to Carve Your Own Porsche Pumpkin

Are you a Porsche nut? I'll hazard a guess that the answer is yes if you're reading this post. Want to tell the rest of the world (or at least remind your neighbors) about your affliction passion this Halloween? You could dress up your favorite Porsche in some type of costume, maybe even cover your Porsche in chocolate and make it a treat for an extremely lucky kid, but we wouldn't recommend it (after all, imagine the mess). Here's a much more appropriate homage to our favorite marque just in time for Halloween.

porsche pumpkin carving template

Carve Your Very Own Porsche Pumpkin

  1. Purchase a pumpkin large enough to manage the stencil. Get a real one or one of these foam pumpkins that pretty much last for ever.
  2. Cut off the top and clean the pumpkin (try to convince your significant other to do it if you can. It's much cleaner that way).
  3. If you ask very nicely you might just get them to clean, bake and salt the pumpkin seeds for you too.
  4. Print out your template and tape to pumpkin as securely and as flat as possible. Remember you can either make your own (more on this below) or use our Porsche 993 Pumpkin Template or this Porsche GT3 Pumpkin Template.
  5. Use a pin or pen to trace/outline the black areas. Remember you are only going to be cutting out those areas in black.
  6. Remove the template.
  7. Using a pumpkin carving kit and/or a rotary tool carve the template that you have outlined above.
  8. Clean up all the mess on the inside leftover from your carving
  9. Put a small candle inside (for the safety conscious you can use one of these battery powered tealights), light and put the top back on.
  10. Turn out the lights, take a picture of your latest creation and send a copy to us to share with the world. If it's good enough we might even send you something in return. :-)

Make your own Porsche Pumpkin Carving Template

  1. Locate your favorite digital picture of your Porsche or Porsche related object.
  2. Open the picture in a photo editing tool like Photoshop or something similar.
  3. Tone down the colors until it looks similar to this Porsche GT3 RS Pumpkin Carving Template.
  4. Follow the same instructions as above and utilize the additional tips below.

Porsche GT3 RS Pumpkin Carving

Advanced Pumpkin Carving Tips

  1. Never cut anything completely through until the end, just pierce and cut the design maybe 1/4″ in.
  2. Plan your work, don’t cut out the silhouette first only to realize you’ve got a lot of things to do on the shape itself, it will break off. Trust me, I know.
  3. Think of the picture’s colors/shading in terms of layers, you can re-create a lot of color effects by using 3D shapes. ex. The taillight isn’t going to need to be as bright as a window or open space. Try cutting in just a bit, and sort of carving it out while leaving a good bit of the white flesh, you’d be surprised how well it lights up.
  4. Cutting one line perpendicular, and then another at 45 degrees at say 1/32″ away will let you establish things like door sills, panel gaps, etc. It doesn’t need to go deep, just has to be there.

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  1. Nitro says

    Dunno. We dont really have the same kind of pumpkins. Here they are kinda larger and longer (i.e. not really oval). Plus I lack the skill as I never did it.

    But why not, if I found a good pumpkin, I just may 😉


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