Porsche 911 Overtakes Other Car On Nürburgring While Spinning Out Of Control

Have you driven on the track? Have you ever driven the Nürburgring? It's known to be unforgiving, demanding. It's not called the "Green Hell" for nothing. One of its fastest, and most dangerous section is the Schwedenrkeuz (it's an off-camber, blind left turn that comes up on you after a crest). The video you see below takes place there. Shot on board a Westfield Megabusa (It's a Lotus Seven chassis with a Suzuki engine and six-speed sequential transmission) just as the driver enters the jump before Schwedenkreuz. The Megabusa is not a slow track toy so what happens next is simply incredible.

Hopefully the driver of the 911 is okay as it looked like a hard crash. Amazingly, even with his passenger grabbing his shifting hand during the accident, the Megabusa driver was able to brake, retain control and drive safely through the debris field.

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  1. Chuck says

    Agree, why didn’t he stop, plus it looked like the Megabusa driver was drifting left and not watching his mirrors and it was too late for the Porsche to go to the right – big speed differential and two amateurs – JMHO.

  2. Peter says

    The Porsche was simply out of control and going into the corner at far too high a speed and on the wrong line. This is fastest part of the track and not a safe place to overtake with such a speed difference. You gain speed in the downhill section previous to this and have already been on the gas without any braking for more than a kilometre. Most cars will be going faster here than along Dottinger Hohe (the main straight). The Westfield was not to blame in any way; you need to be slightly left of the right hand edge anyway because the road has a slight left kink before Schwedenrkeuz proper. As for stopping to help I would say no, too dangerous – just look at the speed the Porsche was doing… If you stopped you would then be in the centre of yet another accident!

  3. Chuck says

    Don’t think I will set up left for a lefthand kink anytime soon, but that’s just me.
    Sabine Schmitz should pass judgement since she has logged more fast miles than anyone on this course.

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