Porsche Design P’9120 by Etón Reviewed

Eton-Porsche-p9120-complete-set-upThere really is no point in a clock that runs fast, but how about one that looks fast? Take the Porsche Design P’9120 by Etón for example (just not my unit.) The well thought out, minimalistic design by Porsche, partners perfectly with the quality, craftsmanship and technology that are hallmarks of Etón's success.

Porsche Design Press Release

Earlier this month we received a press release from the Porsche Design Group about the P’9120 Desk Radio. The first two paragraphs (shown below) were more than enough to pique our curiosity (who can refuse purist design and a top quality aluminum finish?):

Stuttgart/Palo Alto. Porsche Design is introducing a brand new radio into the market, a product developed jointly with Etón Corporation of Palo Alto, California. The radio, available now in Porsche Design Stores, blends purist design together with a top quality aluminum finish.

The P'9120 desk radio comes with three 1.5 inch speakers, an active subwoofer and double-wall structure, ensuring top-class true-to-life acoustics. In Europe, the radio, which comes in a solid aluminum casing, is available in a version which provides access to both analog and digital transmissions via the same device (AM, FM, short wave and DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting). Different types of iPod can be linked up to the radio via an external cradle. Both the radio itself and any iPods connected to it can be operated via a remote control unit.

Seriously though, with the above information in hand, we reached out to Etón and secured our own unit for review. After playing and living with the unit for a week in the 993C4S garage, here are our thoughts:

PACKAGING: Right from the beginning the creative genius of Porsche Design is apparent. The all black, heavy cardboard outer box slides open to reveal a cleverly packaged grouping of components, accessories and instructions. Safely ensconced in a form fitting foam cutout it would take one deranged delivery driver to damage this system while in transit.


CONTENTS: Your package comes complete with the base unit, a universal “Made for Ipod” docking station, power supply, remote control (more on this later), AM loop antenna, multi-lingual instructions and warranty card(s).



  • Double wall construction for superior acoustics. Okay, admittedly we’re not audiophiles here at 993C4S, so we can’t break this down in scientific terms. However, whatever it is, it works! The unit sounds great.
  • OLED alphanumeric display.
  • AM/FM/Shortwave with separate Made for iPod dock.
  • Metal remote control with torch (that’s a flashlight for all of here in the US.)
  • XM Satellite ready (don't forget that Sirrius and XM are now one.)
  • Dual alarm clocks (this is a must in our garage as we depart at separate times.)
  • Back-up power source for your presets and clock in the event of a power-failure.

If we were asked, our only two suggestions for improvement or change would be as follows:

  1. Provide some type of back lighting for the remote. While we like the heft and feel of the remote it becomes a challenge to use in the dark (tough to shuffle through the soundtrack to Le Mans) even with the built in flashlight.
  2. At this price range, $600 in the US, the four batteries needed to provide the back-up power source for your pre-sets and clock settings should be included.

It's Worth the Money

Our overall impression of the P’9120 is very positive. The instructions were simple to follow and setting it up was a snap. The clean lines and linear design are exactly what you would expect from Porsche and Etón. The ergonomic controls were intuitive and easy to operate. The sound quality is exceptional and did we mention the shortwave radio? If you’re not familiar with shortwave, this radio (with its built in antenna) gives you a great opportunity to explore the hundreds and thousands of stations broadcasting worldwide on this unique range of radio waves. It's a great big world to explore!

At $600 the P’9120 is expensive for a compact system, but not prohibitively so. We believe you get what you pay for; in this case a quality table top stereo system with exceptional features, sound and design. If you’re interested in purchasing one yourself, they are available through Amazon.com and at any Porsche Design Retail Store.

About Etón Corporation

Etón Corporation is the established leader in consumer electronics audio products, and is defined by its mission of ‘Re_Inventing Radio”. By always combining the latest in technology with sensible design, Etón offers an extensive array of products that speaks to three main categories: Design, Innovation and Necessity. Etón is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and has offices in Berlin, Germany and Toronto, Canada.

“Etón’s consumer electronics expertise and marketing competency allows Porsche Design to enter into consumer electronics market,” said Dr. Siegmund Rudigier, President and CEO of the Porsche Design Group. “There is an obvious synergy between Porsche Design and Etón Corporation as our values both lie in quality, craftsmanship and cutting-edge design and technology.”

About Porsche Design

Porsche Design is a global luxury men’s brand and is determined by engineered products. Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche established the Porsche Design brand in 1972, whose products are attracting consumers with their technical innovation and represent functionality and timelessness in its purest form. Porsche Design products are sold in their own exclusive retail and franchise stores, shop-in-shops, up-market department stores and exclusive specialist stores.

“The heritage of Porsche Design not only offers an added element of prestige to electronics, but also the lost focus on an exacting attention to detail,” said Dr. Esmail Hozour, CEO of Etón Corporation. “Through this unprecedented partnership, we are confident that a new standard of electronics shall be set.”


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