Porsche Designed Hard Drive Offers Better Storage Space Than Your 911

porsche-designIn last week’s post on my most recent eBay find, I suggested it was the gift for the Porsche owner who has it all. As it turns out, there is no end in sight to the choices afforded those of us who are fanatical about all things Porsche, thanks to the Porsche Design Group.

As the number of unique visitors and subscribers to this blog continues to grow, so has the amount of content. As a result, I’ve needed to find a way to safely back up my posts and other site information on a regular basis. As I was exploring my options for external USB drives I happened upon a solution from none other than F.A. Porsche himself (that’s Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, grandson of Porsche’s founder, to the uninitiated).

Porsche Designed Hard Drive

lacie-porsche-500gb-harddriveI give you the LaCie 301103U F.A. Porsche 500 GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive. What is it you ask? It is an external hard-drive whose concept and design was penned by the Porsche Design Studio.

Porsche Design Studio

Allow me to digress for a moment. The Porsche Design Studio is one of three divisions included in the Porsche Design Group (a majority-owned subsidiary of Porsche AG.) In a coming post I’ll explore deeper into each one of these divisions, what they do and the products available to us.

I Ordered my LaCie-Porsche Designed External Hard Drive today

I should get it sometime next week. Based on what I read on Amazon, it has received favorable reviews and was incredibly inexpensive ($119) for a 500 GB solution. The best part is it has the nice Porsche Design logo stamped right onto the matte titanium finish of the case.

Once I receive it and set-it-up I’ll let you know how it works and if it is truly of Porsche quality. For now, here’s a link to it on Amazon if you want one for yourself and the description is below.

Designed by the world-famous Porsche Design Agency GmbH, the LaCie Hard Drive exhibits world-class style and elite performance. The result of decades of architectural expertise, these drives feature state-of-the-art design and awesome performance. The LaCie Hard Drive offers fast data transfer rates up to 480Mbits/s using Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connection that are required for substantial jobs like downloading digital photos, saving MP3s or transferring home videos from a camcorder. With room to store up to 500GB, you can back up your entire system or add extra storage space when your internal hard drive is full. Built to be lightweight and durable, these drives can be easily moved for sharing and exchanging of files. These drives offer setup that is nearly effortless, and are ready to use minutes after removing it from the box. Secured rubber feet allow drives to be stacked, so you can get the most out of limited desktop space. System Requirements - Intel Pentium II 350 MHz-compatible processor or greater, iMac, Power Mac G3 and greater, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows 2000, Windows Me or Windows XP, Mac OS 9.1 or Mac OS 10.2.1 and greater, minimum 32MB RAM, built-in Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Dimensions - Height 1.4 x Width 4.4 x Length 7.4 inch, 35 x 112 x 188mm Weight - 900 gram, 31.7 ounces

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